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ELA 11th GLE: Home

Required Project



  1.  OPS requires a research project so that you are better prepared for your senior year GLE and for all of your college papers.
  2. You will be creating a 5-10 paragraph paper on a social justice issue. You will choose from my list or see me for a special topic you would rather do.
  3. You will then learn to take notes and create source and note cards, using them to research.  There will be no “cut and paste” from other cites to your paper---that’s plagiarism.
  4. After your research is complete, you will organize your cards and create an outline.
  5. From your outline, you will create your rough draft---written in Times New Roman/12pt/double spaced. 1.5-2.0 pages.
  6. You will use in-paper citations.
  7. You will include a peer edited rough draft and Works Cited Page.
  8. DEADLINES ARE FINAL!!!!!!  Use your class time well!
  9. Library is open before school at 7.  Computers available with home work help room after school Mon-Fri.  I am here at 7 a.m.  I will write you a pass for the library over lunch or during your study hall.
  10. See me if you are having issues

    Topics for Social Justice paper:

  11.  Immigrants(Syrian,Mexican, etc)
  12. Muslims
  13. Gun control(yes?no?maybe?)
  14. Black Lives Matter
  15. Healthcare Reform/Obamacare
  16. Welfare Reform/poverty
  17. Sexual Assault/college campuses
  18. Planned Parenthood(fund/not?)
  19. 1%/Wall Street vs. everyone else
  20. Women----equal pay
  21. Sex trafficking
  22. Global climate change
  23. Death penalty


Objectives:  Students will

  • Continue to work on their writing skills by developing and completing a position paper based on a topic of their choice.
  • Learn to correctly use data bases for research, determining which sites are valid

And which are not legitimate.

  • Correctly learn to take notes, document, and not plagiarize information.
  • Manage class time wisely and meet due dates.


A             B

28           29           journal/finish any state tests left to give/read


1              4              HAVE YOUR NOTECARDS AND RUBBERBAND HERE TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!      

journal/begin narrowing topic topic/learn notetaking/read

5              8              journal/databases and libguide/take notes/read

9              10           know your topic/research your position-----find 5-6 sources and take notes/read

11           12           finish researching/begin writing paper/read

                Happy President’s Day Weekend!

16           17           finish writing paper/2 proofreaders(or more)/read

18           19           works cited and bibliography pages/finish anything you still need to do!!!! TURN IN!!!!!!!

  All Papers due by beginning of class next time(AT THE BELL)

 if they are not done today!!!!!/  read

Links to Information

Databases to Use for Project

Resources Outside of the OPS Databases

Citation Resources

Noodletools How To Videos

For more help, go to NoodleTools Support and view KnowledgeBase, Downloads and Tutorials, and Users Guide. See more NoodleTools videos by searching for NoodleTools videos in YouTube outside of the OPS network.

Self Evaluation Form

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