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Check It Out: November 11, 2015

Your weekly news from the OPS Library Services Staff


November 11th: Middle School Team Meeting--CANCELLED!

November 13th:  Deadline for submissions for sessions for Spring NETA conference.

December 2nd:  Secondary Team Meeting @ Joslyn Art Museum starting at 12:00 PM

New Annual Report Format! We loved your input and ideas for the annual report. Please see the "Annual Report Guidelines" tab above for your new requirements. We will take some time to discuss annual reports at your upcoming TEAM meetings.

Send Me Your Pictures!!!

Please remember to send me pictures of the goings on in your libraries!  We have featured 25 elementary schools and 9 secondary schools so far this year on social media!  We still have 38 elementary and 11 secondary schools to go.  I would love to be able to share at least one great thing going on in each of our school libraries this year.  If you have an event, display, or lesson coming up that you would like to share but need help photographing, let us know! 

Why should you share the great things you do?  This is a wonderful advocacy tool for us.  We have 225 followers on Facebook and 278 followers on Twitter.  These followers include school board members, principals, community members, parents, fellow teachers, and much more!  We want them to know the important role you play each and every day in the lives of your students.    Thank you!  Courtney

Classroom Management: Behavior Rewards System

The Saddlebrook Elementary library is trying out a new behavior system this year in the library and computer lab.  Students are able to earn marbles to put in their class marble jar.  The time spent in the library and computer lab was broken up into 5 parts.  Students have the opportunity for their class to earn marbles multiple times each visit. 

Library:  1. Entering/Returning Books = Red Marble, 2. Instruction = Green Marble, 3. Check Out = Blue Marble, 4.  After Check Out = Purple Marble, 5. Leaving Library = Orange Marble.

Computer Lab: 1. Entering, 2. Instruction, 3. Beginning Work, 4. Ending Work, 5. Leaving Computer Lab.

When a class reaches 40 marbles, they get a choice (by voting as a class) of 2-3 rewards.   

Library Rewards:  1.  Extra book to check out.   2.  Extra time for check out    3.  Everyone can sit anywhere in the library after check out

Computer Lab Rewards:  1.  Extra "your choice" time after finishing work on lesson    2.  Sit by a friend during normal amount of "your choice" time

The beauty is that with taking very little time at the beginning of class, the teacher can review where students are needing to make improvements to their behavior, based on the color of marbles they are/aren't earning. Students also have a visual for what they do well in the behavior choice department. 
The marble jars were created using a program called Pixie.  Each class has a jar, and the marbles are dropped into the virtual jar.  A low tech version of this same idea could be made using construction paper dots and laminated paper jars.  Simply keep a binder of jars so that you can easily flip to the correct class as needed.  Dots could be attached to the laminated jar with a small roll of tape. 

Lines from Laura

Open libraries are a must.  If you have a paraprofessional out for an extended period of time OR if you are out for an extended period of time, Library Services needs to know.  I realize that there are times when a qualified substitute is not available, and I am working with HR to meet your needs. The more information I have on the numbers of lengthy absences, the more I can advocate for you.

Also, if we know that a librarian is getting a substitute who is no  trained on our systems, we can be at your building to ensure they are acclimated and you do not return to a mess.

Please keep us in the loop.

From Mount View Library:

A Few Fun Freebies from AASL


Access to TumbleBook Library which is being provided through the Omaha Public Library is now available.  Links to TumbleBook Library have been added to all of the elementary library DNN pages.  In addition, a link was added on the Teacher Resources page (Staff - Library Resources - Teacher Resources) on the district library DNN page.  IP Authentication has been set up for all elementary buildings as well as TAC.  Outside of the OPS Network,  the username of omahapl and the password of ops will be needed to access the site.  Please let Library Services know if you have any questions.  More information was sent out in an email from Stacy last week.

Use of Information/Synthesis & Sharing

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Omaha Public Schools does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, disability, age, genetic information, citizenship status, or economic status in its programs, activities and employment and provides equal access to the Boy Scouts and other designated youth groups. The following individual has been designated to address inquiries regarding the non-discrimination policies: Superintendent of Schools, 3215 Cuming Street, Omaha, NE 68131 (402-557-2001).

Las Escuelas Públicas de Omaha no discriminan basados en la raza, color, origen nacional, religión, sexo, estado civil, orientación sexual, discapacidad , edad, información genética, estado de ciudadanía, o estado económico, en sus programas, actividades y empleo, y provee acceso equitativo a los “Boy Scouts” y a otros grupos juveniles designados. La siguiente persona ha sido designada para atender estas inquietudes referentes a las pólizas de no discriminación: El Superintendente de las Escuelas, 3215 Cuming Street, Omaha, NE 68131 (402-557-2001).