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OPS At Home Learning: GATE & Advanded Placement

Grade level resources

Elementary Math

Math Activity – Grades 3-6

Oreos are sold in over 100 countries and hold the title as the world’s best-selling cookie. There are many fun facts about Oreos!  It takes 59 minutes to make an Oreo.  Each Oreo wafer is baked for exactly 290.6 seconds at a temperature of 400°F from above and 300°F from below. Every Oreo cookie contains 90 ridges, 12 flowers, 12 dashes, and 12 dots. 

Here is your challenge:

  • If you had to line up Oreos from where you live to the nearest stop sigh, how many Oreos would it take? Take a wild guess at how many Oreos  you think it would be?  ___Oreos
  • What information do you need to know to answer this question? What do you need to research, estimate or assume?  On a sheet of paper write down a minimum of 10 questions that will help you find your answer. 

Next, answer your questions by gathering data and complete your estimations and calculations. Show your work on a sheet of paper

  • Final estimate:____________________ Oreos

Conclusion – Be creative when stating your final answer to the question.  You can make a poster, diagram, slide show, model…. anything you want!  Be sure to explain:

  1. What steps did you take?
  2. What further questions did you need to answer? 
  3. What resources did you use? 
  4. Did you learn any interesting facts?
  5. What evidence do you have that you can show how you came to your final answer? 
  6. What was challenging, easy, surprising? 

Elementary Reading/Language Arts

Literacy- Grades 3-6   

Persuasive Writing 

Use one of the following topics to write a persuasive essay. A persuasive essay is one in which you attempt to get the reader to agree with your point of view. You are trying to present arguments, research, and ideas in order to sway the reader one way or the other.

  • Write a persuasive essay for or against school uniforms.

  • Write a letter to a teacher persuading them not to assign homework.

  • Write a letter to your principal explaining why you feel recess should be longer. 

  • What is the best season? Write a persuasive essay defending your opinion.

  • Your neighbor is in a band.  Every night, they play music very loudly while you are trying to sleep.  Write a letter persuading him to stop. Your class is entering a contest to go on a field trip to the zoo for free.  Write a letter persuading the judges to choose your class. 

More Reading and Writing Challenges

  • Write your future self a letter. What passions are you going to pursue and how will you achieve your goals? Have your parents seal it in an envelope and keep it for you in a safe place!
  • Ask three people to write on a post it note a quality they admire about you. Hang those notes somewhere you go every day.

Use one of the sites below to find a topic that interests you.  Do some research and then use the printing press interactive below to create a newspaper, flyer or brochure to share what you learned. 

Elementary STEM

STEM Challenge

Science Activity- Grades 3-6 

Building a Stick Maze 

Materials Needed: 

  • Paper and pen or pencil (for the maze planning) 

  • Lots and lots of long sticks and branches 

1.  Using your pen and paper draw a maze. Basic is better but have at least two dead ends. 

2. With adult permission, collect a heap of sticks and branches from around your home. You could even use grass clippings or leaves! 

3. Using the materials you collected create a large maze using the maze sketch you made. Make it large enough so that you can walk through it  

4. Once it is complete, practice walking the maze to make sure it works.   

5.  Have someone from your home try it.  As an extra challenge you could have them wear a blindfold! 

Advanced Placement Study Sessions

Middle School Math

Math Challenges - Middle School

Look at the directions for the 4-6 grade Math Challenge. Try to answer the questions below.

1. How many dump trucks would it take to cart away Mount Everest? 

2. How large a landfill would our county need to store 100 years of garbage? 

3. How many square miles of paved surfaces are there in our city?

Middle School Language Arts

Short Story Writing Prompts  

DirectionsSometimes it is fun to do some creative writing. Pick a writing prompt from the list below and write a paragraph which finishes the story. Share your ideas with me if you would like to or even turn it into a short story. 

-Doug stuck his hand in the box and immediately pulled it out. "Ow," he said. He licked the side of his index finger. 

-Many things get the hair on the back of my neck up, but nothing more so than... 

-45 minutes ago my cover was blown. I'd been undercover... 

-He was lying face down on the raft. At first we thought he was sleeping, using the inflated side of the raft as a pillow and one hand hanging over, grazing the water's edge. But then.. 

-When you are as rich as I am, it is easy to live an adventurous life. Just yesterday I took off in the company jet and... 

"Stop yanking on my arm!" screeched Alice. She pulled her tender arm across her chest and... 

"Dusk was long gone and the café was quiet except for a middle-aged man sitting near the door who..." 

Maxie's fingers pulled at the wire sewn into the jacket. Now that she had the information it had to be removed before... 

Middle School STEM


This is a creative challenge for future engineers: design an egg contraption that would prevent an egg from breaking when dropped from the the highest point you are able to reach safely in your home.

Constraints: You may only use the materials that you can find easily around your home. Examples: paper, popsicle sticks,  bubble wrap, tissue paper, etc. NO BATTERY POWERED ITEMS AND NO BOXES. Your contraption should fit inside of a shoe box, so it should not be overly large.

Student Outcomes:

1. Students will be able to design and build a protective device to keep their egg intact when dropped from a height.

2. Students will be able to explain design considerations based on material characteristics, and concepts of energy, velocity, and the physics of colliding objects.

3. Students will be able to utilize the design process to meet an engineering challenge and build upon their past challenge experiences.

Summary: Failure is just as important as the successes. It allows us to reevaluate, assess what works and doesn’t and teaches us to be resilient. 

Middle School GATE - National Gallery of Arts 



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