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OPS At Home Learning: World Languages

Grade level resources

General Activities to practice language

Recommended minutes per day: 30 minutes.                                                                                                           


Make sure to practice all the modes of language: (Presentational, Interpretive, Interpersonal)

Presentational- Present information- Writing or speaking. It is students are not getting any response..

  • Create comic strips- dialogues in the target language (can utilize class stories)
  • Create a power point/poster presentations:  autobiography, a biography of somebody you admire, your family, habits in your daily life…
  • Write a summary about a movie you have watched.
  • Create a daily schedule in the target language- explain it to somebody (journal your daily activities).
  • Draw a map of your house, school, city..- label it.
  • Give directions to go somewhere.
  • Tell the same story in present (lower level, past or future tense, changing a few details)
  • Write how to do something, directions for a recipe… You can also videotape yourself giving the directions.
  • Read a book to somebody or videotape yourself reading.
  • Create a family tree. Label siblings, relatives’ relationship.
  • Translate from English to target language, from target language to English short texts.
  • Write an email / letter to a friend.

Interpretive: Listening or reading something, but it does not require a response or reaction in real time. Lower level courses should do it with familiar topics.

  • Listen to stories in the target language. See below for links in each language.
  • Read books in the target language. Students do not need to understand every word. Look for words similar to English or your native language. Infer the context with the words you do understand. Online dictionaries will help.
  • Listen to TV channels, audio books, podcasts in the target language.
  • Read blogs, news articles online.
  • Read email / letters from a friend.
  • Watch movies in the target language (you can use subtitles).
  • Listen to songs in the target language. Read, and translate the lyrics. (or look for words you recognize / know...choose 3-5 words you don’t know to look up and translate using ) (create a ‘cloze activity’ with the lyrics...omitting the words you know / high frequency)

Interpersonal- Exchange of communication in real time. Students can do it on the telephone, skype, facetime or any other platforms they are used to. Accuracy is not the goal.

  • Read a book to somebody. Ask questions to each other about your understanding.
  • Ask/answer questions with peers about your day in the target language.
  • Order take out in target language (higher levels).
  • Have a conversation about how you feel with a friend, classmate, family member.

RESOURCES: Below are links that will help students review and learn materials to practices these modes of language. Choose the language. - Website with stories to read. Any language can be chosen 

Duo Lingo is a free app. Download it to your phone and practice target language every day with it.

German Fun site for learning, exploration & fun Mumbro und Zinell Interactive site for learners of German as a second language.  Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen (ZDF) – German television channel. Explore  


This website  is great specifically for Interpretive skills practice in Latin. He presents historic and cultural topics in Latin. English subtitles can also be turned on for help. It's lower level Latin, so all students should be able to follow along for the majority of the videos.  Divus Magister Craft


Spanish for Spanish Speakers- Language Arts

Independent Reading:  30 minutes per day
  • Student chooses a book of interest.  This includes literary text (novel, short story, biography, autobiography, memoir, play, poetry, science fiction, fantasy, graphic novel) or informational text (topic-centered on a topic of student’s choice).  Use Overdrive or Sora to check out materials in Spanish digitally for free (connects to the Omaha Public Library and the Omaha Public Schools Library). This links offers also multiple Spanish books. Libros de lectura 
  • Structured Reading Support
    • Achieve 3000 offers one article every day that is leveled to students’ reading level with comprehension questions for each.  Archived articles also available.  Free but requires online registration and some training to implement. It is also in Spanish.
    • Reading newspapers This page offers newspapers from all Spanish Speaking countries. 

Independent Writing:  15 minutes per day

  • Student journals (diary) on topic of choice.  Can include reflections on current events, daily life, content of independent reading.
  • Students can write a play and submit for feedback using
  • Structured Writing Support
    • YouTube videos provide targeted information on topics and subtopics that include the writing process, grammar usage, punctuation, capitalization, sentence structure and style, writing modes and genres.  Free.

Links/ Enlaces

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