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Summer Library -- Imagine Your Story: Week Two

Week Two Theme

Once Upon a Time...

Read Aloud Videos: A collection of stories focused on this week's theme to appeal to all ages of readers, read aloud by our own Omaha Public Schools Librarians.  

Imagine Quest: Do you and your family have what it takes to complete the Quest?  Try out these STEAM activities after you read the stories to be victorious on your Summer Reading Journey.

Learn: Activities and resources to extend your learning about topics related to each theme and set of stories.

Tech ConnectOnline games and fun activities connected to this week's focus.  

Create:  Crafts and project ideas to get your creative juices flowing, all focused around this week's topic!

Play:  Opportunities and ideas to get outside or use imaginative play all without the use of technology.

Read:  A weekly challenge or 2 to help keep your summer reading fresh and new.

Sing & Dance:  Songs and dance moves or challenges to try out, if music is your thing.  Great for our younger readers! 

Read Aloud Videos


Looking for a fun water activity to play with your family or friends? Try Duck, Duck, Splash.  

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To play, sit in a circle like in Duck, Duck, Goose.  The person who is "it" has a cup of water.  As she walks around, she splashes a little bit on each player saying 'duck' while passing by.  When she gets to the person she wants to tag, she yells "Splash!" and dumps the rest of the water from the cup on that player's head.  That kid has to chase them around the circle to try and beat them back to their spot or else they are they are the new "it".  Caution, wet grass can be slippery.

This and other fun water games from family education.


Watch this video about how clouds get their names.  If you want to learn more, go look up clouds on PebbleGo, Britannica School, or National Geographic Kids.  

Then go outside and try to name what you see and teach a family member about them. 

Sing & Dance


Learn about the 5 Oceans of Earth as you sing and dance to this song


Imagine Quest


PreK - K:  Click here to try out an activity to learn about ice melting from PreschoolSTEAM

Want more Gingerbread Man books??? Click on the image to find more titles.        undefined

Create a Jeweled Crown: click here for a crown pattern, then roll dice to determine how many jewels to decorate your crown with.  You can use beads, colored paper, or just draw them on!  


Week 2 Challenge:

Use a flashlight to read! 

Does this change how you feel toward the story?

Tech Connect

Pre-K: Click here to listen to nursery rhymes on Starfall.

K-2nd: Click here to Roll to the Finish.

3rd-5th: Click here to Play Parts of Speech Quest 1 - Nouns.

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