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Summer Library -- Imagine Your Story: Week Six

Week Six Theme

undefinedMagical Creatures

Read Aloud Videos: A collection of stories focused on this week's theme to appeal to all ages of readers, read aloud by our own Omaha Public Schools Librarians.  

Imagine Quest: Do you and your family have what it takes to complete the Quest?  Try out these STEAM activities after you read the stories to be victorious on your Summer Reading Journey.

Learn: Activities and resources to extend your learning about topics related to each theme and set of stories.

Tech ConnectOnline games and fun activities connected to this week's focus.  

Create:  Crafts and project ideas to get your creative juices flowing, all focused around this week's topic!

Play:  Opportunities and ideas to get outside or use imaginative play all without the use of technology.

Read:  A weekly challenge or 2 to help keep your summer reading fresh and new.

Sing & Dance:  Songs and dance moves or challenges to try out, if music is your thing.  Great for our younger readers! 

Read Aloud Videos



Are dragons real?  Do they only live in stories and make-believe? 

Click here to learn more about them. 


When you finish try to answer these questions

  • Where do dragons live?
  • Were there ever any real dragons?
  • What country do Komodo Dragons call home?

Tech Connect

Pre-K: Click here to play Sesame Street's Monster Music.

K-2nd: Click here to play Monster Mansion Math Match.

3rd-5th: Click here to practice coding on Blockly.

Sing & Dance

Try out these summer songs & rhymes to get moving this week! 
More from No Time for Flashcards here.


How Does a Caterpillar Go?
How does a caterpillar go?
Dear me, does anybody know?
How does a caterpillar go?
A wriggle, wriggle all day long. (crawl index finger up opposite arm like a caterpillar)

How does a honeybee go?
Dear me, does anybody know?
How does a honeybee go?
A buzzing, buzzing all day long. (flap hands quickly like little bee wings)

How does a butterfly go?
Dear me, does anybody know?
How does a butterfly go?
A flutter, flutter all day long. (spread arms and move them up and down)

How does a busy spider go?
Dear me, does anybody know?
How does a busy spider go?
A spinning, spinning all day long. (place each thumb on opposite pinky finger and walk hands up and down)


Planting Flowers
(Sung to: Fere Jacques)

Planting flowers, planting flowers, (pretend to plant flowers into the ground)
In the ground, in the ground,
Water them and they will grow, (pretend to water plants with a watering can)
Water them and they will grow,
All around, all around.

Imagine Quest


Click here to learn how to make Monster feet using tissue boxes!  


Click here to learn how to make Coffee Filter Monsters!



This game takes at least 2 people, but you could play with as many as you choose.  Charades is a word game played without speaking, only hand gestures and body movements.  Create or find a list of words to be acted out and record them on slips of paper.  With younger children, it is recommended to have them help create the words so they will have a better idea of what is being acted out.  Each word needs to fit into your determined categories (ie. feelings, food, animal, etc.). Then it's time to play!  The first person chooses a slip and silently acts it out while others try to correctly guess!  

For more on Charades with kids click here.


Reading Challenge 6



Choose a story that is different from what you normally read and give it a shot.  You might find a new topic or genre that you enjoy reading!  Be fearless and take that reading risk!  


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