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Check It Out: January 11, 2017

Your weekly news from the OPS Library Services Staff


Please look back at the email sent by Courtney on Friday January 6th regarding the NEW Big 6+ Inquiry presentations.  We have had great edits and suggestions so far.  Reminder: All feedback is due by 3:00 on Friday January 13th.  Thank you!


Middle School Team Meeting   Tuesday January 24th @ TAC 12:00

High School Team Meeting    Wednesday January 25th @ TAC 12:00

Secondary Team Meeting    Wednesday February 22nd @ Kaneko 12:00

Elementary Team Meeting    Thursday March 9th @ Kaneko 8:30 AM

New Vendor

We are excited to announce Bound To Stay Bound (BTSB) as a new library vendor.  BTSB offers print items with a primary focus on materials for elementary and middle schools.  All of their books are hardback and come with a lifetime warranty for wear and use.  We have a few sample books at Library Services and we were very impressed with the quality of the books, especially the board book. BTSB might be a great vendor for those high use items in your library like I Spy books, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Bone, etc. In terms of cost, they are very comparable to Follett and Mackin.

Our representative for BTSB is someone many of you might remember, David Stiles.  If you are interested in exploring BTSB, please contact Stacy Lickteig for information on how to set up an account and start an order.

The Bookworm Purchasing Guidelines

Elementary Librarians

Purchases for your library can still be made at The Bookworm.  In the past, each library had their own charge account which resulted in numerous billing issues.  In order to simplify billing and ensure that you can still buy locally, we have closed all the individual school accounts. We are in the process of settling those accounts.  The good news is, you will no longer be receiving those monthly statements from The Bookworm that are so frustrating.  The bad news is, some of you will be receiving notification from me of payment made out of your library account in order to clear your account.

Going forward, we have one account for Library Services at The Bookworm.  To make purchases on that account, you will need to show your OPS ID at the time of purchase. If you do not have your ID, the purchase cannot be made.  The stipulation of showing an ID is to prevent anyone but an OPS elementary school librarian from making purchases on that account. Purchases on this account can only be for items for your library collection. Items for author visits or book fairs have to be placed on a school account.

The Bookworm will send Library Services an itemized statement once a month and from that statement we will be able to apply your library budget to your purchase.  You do not need to send Library Services any paperwork.

Please contact Stacy Lickteig with any questions.

Secondary Librarians

Any purchases at The Bookworm need to be made with your procurement card. 

Who Ya Gonna Call...or Email?

The fastest way to get your questions answered is to contact the right person!

  • Stacy Lickteig (531) 299-9614: Technology, cataloging, copyright, budget and ordering
  • Courtney Pentland (531) 299-9609: Library curriculum, Super 3+/Big 6+ Inquiry, Professional library, Newsletter Items
  • Laura Pietsch (531) 299-9615: Policy, personnel and evaluation, Sherwood grants

Now You Know Nebraska Videos

Check out these short video clips about some cool facts of Nebraska History to help continue the celebration of the 150th birthday. One for each day this week in the playlist. They are housed on Youtube so you will need to authenticate with the filter.

2017 Reading Challenge

This is a fun challenge you could set with your students this semester.

Targeted Coaching Visits

Courtney, Laura, and McKenzie (elementary only) would love to provide coaching visits that will be of benefit to you in your building.  Send any of us a request for a time that would be good to visit to see a lesson you are really proud of, a class you would like input on, a lesson you would like to discuss, etc. and one of us will make it out to see you!

Retro Technology

Image result for film reel photo

We have been given several larger sized reel to reel old movies, and we wondered if anyone would like the reels, film, or cases for any kind of project before we discard them.  Please let Courtney know if you are interested.

Image result for slide projector

Also, if anyone has a spare, functioning slide projector lying around that they would like to donate to the historical archives, let Courtney know!  We have some of our materials on slides, but no projector.  Thank you!


Polaroid camera

Be sure to send pictures of events in your library, lessons you give, student creations, bulletin boards or displays, etc. to Courtney to post on our social media sites.  We would LOVE to feature every school at least once this school year!  Thank you.

Attention Elementary Librarians

The email sent out on Friday about the REQUIRED expository non-fiction writing assignment is not entirely accurate.  More information will be coming soon by email.

Makerspaces & Standards

A huge thank you to Kim Beebee at Jackson for sharing the document below on how Makerspaces connect to the AASL 21st Century Learner Standards. 

Here is a portion of an infographic on makerspaces in libraries.  See the entire graphic with the link below.

The Credible Hulk

These are too great not to share!  This is one tough guy who knows the importance of backing up ideas with evidence.

Dinosaurs Didn't Read...

Just in case you need a filler bulletin board at any point this year. :)

Omaha Public Schools does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, disability, age, genetic information, citizenship status, or economic status in its programs, activities and employment and provides equal access to the Boy Scouts and other designated youth groups. The following individual has been designated to address inquiries regarding the non-discrimination policies: Superintendent of Schools, 3215 Cuming Street, Omaha, NE 68131 (402-557-2001).

Las Escuelas Públicas de Omaha no discriminan basados en la raza, color, origen nacional, religión, sexo, estado civil, orientación sexual, discapacidad , edad, información genética, estado de ciudadanía, o estado económico, en sus programas, actividades y empleo, y provee acceso equitativo a los “Boy Scouts” y a otros grupos juveniles designados. La siguiente persona ha sido designada para atender estas inquietudes referentes a las pólizas de no discriminación: El Superintendente de las Escuelas, 3215 Cuming Street, Omaha, NE 68131 (402-557-2001).