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Bryant AP Language and Composition: Quarter One Lessons and Info

Assignments and Due Dates

Letter to Mrs. Bryant
Write a letter introducing yourself to me. In your letter, include your reasons for taking AP English Language and Composition as well as your goals and expectations for the course. Look at the "General Characteristics of Students" document (uploaded below and also in the course syllabus). Tell me about your characteristics as a student, what will come naturally to you this year, and where you might struggle.
In addition, you may discuss your strengths and weaknesses as a writer and a reader and/or your learning style. You may also write about your plans for the future, something or someone important in your life, any concerns you have about this course, or anything you feel would help me to know you better.
This assignment will serve two purposes: it is an informal opportunity for me to get to know you, and it will assist me in assessing your ability to write. 
Your letter should be carefully proofread, written in paragraph form, and approximately two pages in length.
Format requirements:  typed in Times New Roman 12 point font, with one inch margins on all sides. Documents must be in .docx or .rtf. 
Due:  Next class period (either 8/20 or 8/21)

Due 9/1 or 9/2 - Advertising Activity

Create or imagine a product
Using rhetorical appeals
Think about who would want/need/use the product you’ve created and determine how you can use appeals to ethos, logos, and pathos to convince your target audience to buy this product.
You can either 1) create a magazine advertisement for this project or 2) Describe a commercial you could make to advertise this project.
Upload your advertisement or commercial description to the Advertising Activity in the Collaboration Space in our Class Notebook.

Due 9/8 or 9/9 - Advertising Assignment

This assignment is to be turned in on Teams using the Assignment link. Please be sure assignments are in .docx or .rtf.

Turn in your advertisement or commercial description. In addition, write a minimum of two well-developed paragraphs (7-9 sentences per paragraph) in which you answer the following

  • How did you incorporate all three rhetorical appeals into your advertisement or commercial?
  • What what could you have done to improve credibility, reasoning, or emotion in your advertisement or commercial?
  • What did your classmates do in their advertisements or commercials to incorporate the rhetorical appeals?
  • Which advertisements did you think were most effective, and why? 

Discussion Board due 9/23 or 9/24


Use the Canvas tab at the top of our Teams page to get to our class Canvas site. From there, click on "Modules" in the menu at the left. Read through the assignment information and begin brainstorming ideas for this paper. Once you have three concepts you could use as topics, complete your initial post on the Discussion Board. Remember you post to the discussion board by choosing "reply" underneath the assignment instructions. 


Once you've made your initial post, respond to at least two of your classmates' posts. Be sure you're asking questions and helping them generate ideas. Keep in mind this is a graded activity, and grammar/etc. do impact your grade. 

Unit 1 Checkpoints due 9/26


Log in to AP Classroom at If you haven't already joined our AP class, use join code 2DMD9Y.


Complete the FRQ (free response question) and MCQ (multiple choice questions) checkpoints. These ask you to use skills we've been working on so far in AP Lang. 

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