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Davis Annual Report: 2013-14

Collection Development

1.  Work with Pam Swanson in Library Services to order additional titles for opening collection.

      I didn't weed any books this school year  due to the fact over 90% of our books are brand new.  (We inherited some books from Wilson).     Following a discussion with 6th grade math teacher,  I  purchased a few more pre-algebra and algebra books (nonfiction 512).  I spoke with a couple of social studies teachers about books they felt would complement their curriculum (mostly non-fiction books about countries).  I also placed a "wish list" form on the library counter.  All patrons were invited to add titles of books they'd like me to purchase for our school.

2.  Allocate funds for purchase from Mackin

   a.  Work with vendor Dave Stiles to identify differences between Mackin and Follett.

      I don't feel like I really had a chance to explore Mackin's website. There were a few gliches with the opening school collection but I would still consider purchasing from Mackin in the future.

3.  Use Follett voucher to purchase e books and print books prior to June 1, 2014

      I spent the $11,894 voucher by mid May 2014.  Looking forward to multiple boxes of new books that will arrive this summer. 


Circulation/Fines Strategies

Strategies to increase circulation:  Since Davis is a brand new school with less than 400 students, I am not sure what to expect regarding number of books that will circulate.  I plan to reach-out to teachers in the Language Arts Department to encourage them to bring their classes to the library frequently to check out books.

Students enjoyed the larger variety of periodicals available at middle school.  Davis also has a daily subscription for 30 copies of the Omaha World Herald newspaper for students and adults to read.

Patrons were asked to 'sign in" when they came to the library.  We had approximately 5,600 individuals visit the library (whole classes that came into the library are not in that count.) The sign in sheet may have increased circulation because it gave library staff a few minutes to converse with individuals. 

Students were able to visit the library and check out books before and after school.  Nearly every morning we had 30 to 40 students in the library prior to the 7:30 bell.

Library Paraprofessional, Terry Lefler, will run bimonthly reports of overdue books.  Overdue notices will be placed in Take Flight teachers' mailboxes.  Students will receive overdue notices from the Take Flight (homeroom) teachers. 

During morning announcements, students were reminded to turn in their library books and to pay the book replacement fee if they were unable to locate the books they'd checked out.   On May 13th I emailed parents/guardians of students who had overdue library books. On May 19th, I marked all books that were out as "lost" and printed library fine billing notices.  Notices were distributed after awards ceremonies.  Remaining notices were available in the cafeteria near the bus lists.  A list students with fines was also given to the front office to be placed near the student sign out sheet.


1.  Promote new online databases.

   a.  Distribute flyers noting databases and passwords

This is the area in which I felt the least success.  The classroom teachers didn't seem interested in learning about the Gale Databases.  I showed several teachers how to access the databases online.   There was some frustration with the length of time if took to log in the computers when using the laptops (wireless connections).  I taught a couple of classes how to access the online databases by clicking on my libguides.  I don't believe they ever used the online databases on their assignments.  Sometimes the tabs on my libguides disappeared.  I asked our computer technician about this but he didn't have an answer for me.  l also taught about a dozen students how to access the databases when they were working on a report for a social studies class.  I tried to show the benefits of the online databases to that teacher but (to my frustration) she replied "Oh, I just have the kids Google it."    One teacher was interested in having me show her class how to use NoodleTools.  I explained to that teacher that I had never used NoodleTools in the past.  My lessons were "okay" but I still don't feel confident using NoodleTools.  I did teach the 6th graders a course in Common Sense Media about sharing information/privacy online.  A few times students used WorldBook online and Culturegrams. 

Library Goals

1.  Establish procedures for new library

   a.  Train new library paraprofessional

      Mrs. Lefler has never worked in a library prior to coming to Davis.  

   b  Communicate expectations for all patrons

      Library procedures and policies can be accessed in the Davis documents on First Class in the Davis schoolhouse conference.  Policies are also listed on my Library webpage.

2.  Leadership roles in new building

   a.  Principal's Cabinet

      I truly enjoyed serving on Principal's Cabinet.  We met weekly to discuss a wide variety of topics pertaining to the day-to-day functions of a middle school.  The leadership teams inspires me and challenges me.

   b.  Excels Committee  -- Climate -- co-chair with Chad Sturek

      Now that we have received results from the Climate survey, we will have a starting point for the upcoming school year.  We have a couple of areas to focus on but overall the "climate" around Davis is very, very positive. Students, staff and parents appreciate this spectacular school.

   c.  "Walk About" classroom visits with Jennie Premer, Instructional Facilitator

      This was a wonderful opportunity for me to get into classrooms to witness the fabulous teaching that goes on at Davis.  

3.  Collaboration between the library and staff will be emphasized

   a.  Meet teachers

         I held a brief meeting with new teachers at the beginning of the school year in which we discussed library procedures and other possibilities.

   b.  Create projects together

         Ms. Prem and I worked together using Animoto videos with her classes  I created Animoto accounts for all of her students.  I also taught them how  to use NoodleTools for their project.  Since all of the staff was "new" to Davis, I spent the school year trying to build relationships with my co-workers.   I look forward to meeting the next group of "new" Davis teachers this fall when we add 8th grade.

4.  Promote Literacy

         I taught several classes in both 6th and 7th grade how to access e-books on the MacBook Pro laptops.  Some students learned how to access         e-books on the 10 iPads we have in the library.  They were mostly interested in using the camera on the iPad to take "selfies".  Very few of them used the iPads for reading books.  I suggested that the Computer Club borrow the iPads after school with hopes that they would access ebooks--but that didn't happen.  Too busy with other things perhaps.

         I joined the Scholastic Reading book club.  Every month fliers were given to Take Flight (homeroom) teachers to share with their classes.  I placed       orders on the 15th of each month.  When the orders arrived, the books were immediately distributed to students.  

   a.  Contests

         We had a several contests throughout the year including count the candycorns, count the M&Ms, and complete a winter books quiz.  Students also    had an opportunity to complete a "Share What You're Reading" book review form.  Once the form was turned in, students were able to choose a free Scholastic book to keep.

   b.  Library Club

         Library Club did not "get off the ground" this year.  I talked to students about the club, I passed out club information and permission slip forms but no  one returned a permission slip.  Many of the students joined the Drama Club which met four days per week.  Many others were athletes involved in after school sports.  Perhaps as our population numbers continue to grow I will find those students who would enjoy participating in a Library Club.  I am also considering holding Library Club during lunch next school year.

   c.  Author visits      

         We had 2 author visits -- Mike Mullin and Ben Mikaelsen.  Presentations were held on the carpeted steps in the cafeteria.  Students interested in      hearing Mullin signed up in the library and later received tickets to excuse them from class.  Later, for Mikaelsen, I encouraged teachers to bring their      entire classes.  I was surprised at the hesitancy displayed by a few teachers.  One teacher even commented that she didn't want students taken out of her class--they would be missing too much instructional time.  I tried to convice her of the benefits of hearing an author's presentation but she did not agree with me.  I will continue to seek new ideas for motivating students and teachers to want to attend author events.

   d.  Book displays

         Fortunately Mrs. Lefler is very creative.  Every month she changed the display case near the library doors.  Together we created a list of book         displays and bulletin board ideas for the school year.  She has shelving in the storage room where she can save her work so it can be displayed again in the future.

5.  I will communicate regularly with staff and students about library programming

         Conversations during lunch, in the halls, and in the library workroom led to discussions about library programming.  I also used First Class email share information and schedules.  The Davis Library calendar on First Class is also easily accessible to all Davis staff.

   a.  Libguide on Davis webpage

         My libguide is easily accessible by clicking on the Library tab on the Davis homepage.

   b.  Create quarterly newsletter 

         An electronic copy of my library newsletter is available on my libguide.  I also print paper copies of the newsletter and distribute those throughout the building.

   c.  Utilize department and/or team meetings as communication tools

         I participated in Literacy Department meetings as well as Unified Arts (Specialists) meetings.  I also served as a co-leader on the Climate (Excels) team.



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