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Annual Report - Marrs Magnet Center: 2017 - 2018


Library usage

Marrs Library Usage 2017 - 2018

Number of classroom visit /instruction: 

1st Semester: 83 classroom visit/instruction

2nd Semester:  92 classroom visit/instruction

Number of individual drop-ins

1st Semester: 6,333

2nd Semester:   6,900

Library clubs attendance: 

1st Semester: 489

2nd Semester:   502

Library Goals

Goal 1: Continue to develop relationships with staff members and create collaboration opportunities.  This was an exciting challenge for me this year in two ways:  1)  there was a large number of new staff this year and 2) going out and meeting teachers I had not gotten to work with during the previous year.  I was pleased with my ability to collaborate with at multiple teachers from each grade level.  Last year I was able to create the most collaborative experiences with the 8th-grade team and was able to build on those experiences this year.  This year I was able to increase my collaboration with the 6th-grade language arts team.  Each of these teacher scheduled at least 3 lessons were last year the average number of lessons for this group was one.  This year I was able to work with the following curriculum areas and grade levels: 8th grade social studies, language arts, reading, and math; 7th grade language arts, social studies, math, and reading; 6th grade language arts, reading, and math; 5th grade language arts, reading, social studies, and math.

Goal 2: Sponsor 4 clubs: Book Review Club, Golden Sower Club, Manga Club, and MakerSpace Club - This year I was able to continue an already active Manga Club and MakerSpace group.  MakerSpace was our most popular group with an average of 30 students participating during each lunchtime for approximately 120 students a meeting day.  I am most excited about the growth in our Golden Sower Club.  5th and 6th-grade participants really seemed to enjoy this group.  While last year attendance was sparse, this year club meetings average 25 students at each of these grade levels.   I look forward to continuing these groups next year off the solid foundation we were able to create.  The Book Review Club struggled to take off this year with less than 6 students participating.  I plan on promoting the BRC better next year and tweaking them to make each more appealing. 

Goal 3: Weeding - I managed to weed of both fiction & non-fiction collections this year.  Statistics are located on the right side of the page.

Goal 4: Maintain and foster a love of learning, libraries, and exploration.  I was lucky enough to inherit a thriving library program in my new position. I felt in my second year at Marrs, it was important to still honor what has been done before me but begin to sprinkle in new activities, traditions, and ideas as well. I believe I was successful in that endeavor and as my predecessor, Doug Keel has stated, the following is still true: "The school librarian plays many roles in an educational setting, and managing the day to day intricacies of a normal school day can certainly be a challenge.  Besides teaching lessons, managing a collection, orders, personnel, and the like, many unannounced events also add to the need for flexibility in the library: drop in students, teachers . . and even classes, tech emergencies, impromptu meetings, and professional development.  The list is long, but I believe that is because our patrons, students and teachers alike, know that the R.M.Marrs library is a place they can go to for their informational and personal needs."

Things for Next Year

1.  Increase circulation by:

a. Invite more language arts teachers to have checkout time separate from lessons.

b.  More spontaneous book talks. 

c.  Revise the  Student Reviewers Club

d. New book talks (powerpoints)

2.  Increase use of library twitter account and implement a monthly newsletter of library happenings

3.  Collaborate with at least 5 new teachers while continuing collaboration with teachers from this year.

Circulation Statistics

  Circ Transactions "17-18" "16-17" Percent change
  Check out 29,049 30,295 -4%
  Check in 29, 831 31,159 -4%
  Renewals 1,283 1,518 -15%
  Holds Processed 3,321 2,808 18%

While I was disappointed to see a small drop in circulation this year, I am still proud that almost 30,000 books were circulated at Marrs Middle school this year.  I believe the drop can most likely be attributed to a reading teacher who did not bring her classes down for regular checkout and several language arts teachers who felt their schedules were to busy to participate in whole group checkout.  One of my goals for next year is to re-engage those teachers in a routine checkout schedule.  

Weeded materials - 2017 -2018

During the 2016-2017 school year, a purposeful effort was made to weed all collections in the library.  Fiction books were weeded by condition and circulation, removing books that had not been checked out in the past 3 years.  Non-fiction books were weeded by relevancy, circulation, and condition.  This year school year, less weeding was needed after the intense efforts of last year.  Still, roughly 500 books were weeded throughout the school year mainly due to poor condition.  The majority of these books were in the fiction sections.

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