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Common Sense Media Curriculum

On this page you will find lesson plans from Common Sense Media.  Grades K-8 should be teaching at least one of the lessons listed below to each grade level.  Grades 3-5 MUST teach the 2 lessons indicated below.  The lesson plan is a guideline and can be adapted to suit your building needs.  Contact your technology teacher, if you have one, to see if they are already covering this material. 

If you would like, you can see more lessons from Common Sense Media at  To download the lessons, you will need to create a user account.  Select the Digital Citizenship link and then Scope and Sequence.  Find the lesson you need and click it's link.  Inside you will find the downloadable lesson plan (also provided for you on this page in PDF format) as well as other teaching resources such as videos to share with the class.

For assistance, please contact Courtney Pentland.  Thank you!

Common Sense Media for 3-5th Grade--UPDATES

Some changes were made to the 3-5th grade Common Sense Media lessons this summer.  If you would like to continue using the previous lessons this year, you may.  If you would like to test out the new lessons for 3rd-5th grade, we would love your feedback.


1)  CSM has organized lessons into specific grade levels instead of grade level bands.  As such, you will see some lessons have changed grade levels from previous years.

2)  While some of the lesson titles remain the same, the lessons themselves have changed.  The videos are located in YouTube and the handouts/documents are in Google.  You will need to download the Google Doc or Slides into Word and PowerPoint.  If you need help with this or run into issues, let me know.

3)  New lessons have been added to the offerings.

4)  The changes are only for 3-5 grade.  K-2, 6-8, and 9-12 have not changed yet.


All elementary librarians must teach 2 lessons from CSM for grades 3-5.  See the previous lessons at

The new lessons can be accessed through the Common Sense Media site with your free educator account.  The following have been selected as the required two per grade level. The bonus lesson is inquiry related.  If you teach all three lessons at all three grade levels in your K-5 elementary school, you will meet one of the requirements for your school to be Common Sense Media Certified!  Contact Keegan Korf or myself with questions about CSM lessons.

3rd:  The Power of Words  and  Password Power-Up  

Bonus Inquiry Focused Lesson: Is Seeing Believing

4th:  Private and Personal Information  and  Super Digital Citizen

Bonus Inquiry Focused Lesson:  Creators Rights & Responsibilities

5th:  What's Cyberbullying?  and  Finding My Media Balance

Bonus Inquiry Focused Lesson:  Reading News Online

3rd Grade

Elementary School Librarians:  You MUST teach Private & Personal AND The Power of Words in 3rd grade.  You may also opt to teach The Power of Words.

4th Grade

Elementary Librarians:  You MUST teach Strong passwords AND How to Cite a Site in 4th Grade.  You may opt to also teach the Digital Citizenship Pledge.

5th Grade

Elementary Librarians:  You MUST teach Talking Safely Online AND What's Cyberbullying.  You may also opt to teach Privacy Rules.

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