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Nathan Hale Newsletter 4Q 20/21: Home

Six Books of Summer Reading Challenge

Important Telephone Numbers

Main Office

(531) 229 - 2360


(531) 229 - 7027


(531) 229 - 7025


Welcome To Our Newest Patriot!

Ms. Yau -- ELL Paraprofessional.  Ms. Yau is from a small, tropical country called Malaysia.  She has a bachelor's degree in Mangagement Information Systems from UNO and a master's degree in teaching.  Ms. Yau's favorite memory from school is being on the Yearbook Committee.  Her favorite things to do include playing video games, reading, and discovering new restaurants and coffee shops with friends.  She also loves trying new foods, window shopping, and walking in snow.  She loves being a Patriot!

Greetings From Assistant Principal Schmidt

Greetings Nathan Hale Community,

I am grateful to serve Nathan Hale as the Assistant Principal/Data Processor.  Do not hesitate to contact me with questions regarding assessment, grading, and scheduling.  One of our goals is to have all families monitor student progress through the Infinite Campus Parent Portal.  Please email me at to request access.  You will need to provide your full first and last name, the name(s) of your Nathan Hale student(s), and the email address you would like associated with your account. 

This is an important tool that can help with student attendance and achievement, as well as communication between home and school.  You also can monitor student progress through your student's Infinite Campus account.  The login and password are the same as the login and password for your student's email account and computer login. 

Also, it is important we have current email addresses and phone numbers for families so you can receive updated information from the school and the district.  If you have changed your email address or phone number(s), please call the school at (531) 299 - 7032 to update that important information.  

Finally, please visit the OPS website at, the Nathan Hale website at, our Twitter page @OPS_Nathan Hale, and our Nathan Hale Middle School Facebook page for information and updates.

Thank you.

Be safe and well,

Mr. Anton Schmidt

Assistant Principal/Data Processor

Counselors' Corner

This year Nathan Hale's counseling team worked hard to keep students engaged in school and attending daily.  With such an unusual year, many students found it difficult to "find their attendance groove." 

The attendance team, consisting of Ms. Poskochil, the social worker, Ms. Redinbaugh and Mr. Simmons, the counselors, and Ms. Walker-Dombeck, the Student Support Liaison, made numereous contacts with students and families regarding assistance to any barriers students experienced in attending their classes.  

One way we worked on improving attendance was by celebrating students who we "caught being in attendance."  The attendance team went around to different classroom and called out student names.  If a student was present or present online and acknowledged that they were actively participating in the class, they were rewarded with a prize. Students were able to pick from the "Prize Cart" for items such as water bottles, funky sunglasses, earbuds, and certificates to Cane's Chicken.  Some students were lucky enough to win a five-dollar gift card to Walmart.  

We also celebrated students who had 95% attendance or perfect attendance each quarter.  The students who met these milestones were entered into a drawing and had the option of picking a prize from the "Prize Cart" or choosing a ten-dollar gift card to Target.  

Thank you to the parents and guardians for supporting your students in their attendance during this unusual school year.  We look forward to things returning to "normal" next year and seeing all of our students in person.

Have a good summer.  Encourage your student to take advantage of the sunshine and break from school.  Read, listen to music,and enjoy nature.  These are great ways to rejuvenate the soul and get ready for next school year.  

Your School Counseling Staff,

Ms. Poskochil

Ms. Redinbaugh

Mr. Simmons

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Omaha Public Schools does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, disability, age, genetic information, citizenships status, or economic status in its programs, activities, and employment and provides equal access to Boy Scouts and other designated youth groups.  The following individual has been designated to address inquiries regarding the non-discrimination policies: Superintendent of Schools, 3215 Cuming Street, Omaha, NE  68131, (531) 299 - 0220.

It Takes A Village

A successful school year requires the support and assistance from a large group of people.  It requires a team!  Thank you to everyone in the Patriot community!  


Mr. Cano -- Principal

Mr. Schmidt -- Assistant Principal

Ms. Station -- Assistant Principal

Ms. McNeil -- Dean of Students

Mr. Waller -- Dean of Students

Office Staff

Ms. O'Kane -- Office Manager

Ms. Mahoney -- Registar

Ms. Marion -- Attendance


Mr. Moriarty -- Library

Ms. Henderson -- SSC

Ms. Rose -- Classroom

Ms. White -- Classroom

Ms. Yau -- Classroom


Ms. Askew -- Math

Mr. Bedore -- Social Studies

Mr. Benson -- Social Justice, Leadership, Social Studies

Ms. Billings -- Math

Ms. Bomberger -- Music

Ms. Bridgeford -- Special Education

Ms. Carlson -- Language Arts

Mr. Clayburn -- Health

Mr. Clerc -- Science

Ms. Darling -- ELL

Ms. Eltouny -- Science

Ms. Flynn -- Language Arts

Ms. Foley -- Language Arts, HSP

Ms. Galles -- Language Arts

Ms. Grunke -- Science, Social Studies

Mr. Hansen -- Physical Education

Mr. Irvin -- Reading

Ms. Jiang -- Science

Ms. Johnson -- Science, Social Studies, Math

Mr. Karpf -- Music

Ms. King -- Careers

Ms. Kissinger -- Language Arts

Ms. Konvalin -- Art

Ms. Lee -- Special Education

Mr. Matthews -- Math

Ms. McCormick -- Language Arts

Mr. Moore -- Music

Ms. Moore -- Special Education

Ms. Murray -- Math

Mr. Nelson -- Social Justice, Social Studies

Mr. Ohira -- Math

Ms. Patton -- Special Education

Ms. Quedensley -- Math

Ms. Ridgley -- Language Arts, HSP

Ms. Ross -- Math

Ms. Ruppe -- Language Arts

Ms. Siert -- Social Studies

Dr. Snell -- Special Education

Mr. Stark -- Math

Ms. Tetschner -- Library

Ms. Voss -- Computer Applications

Ms. Wolf -- Social Studiesi

Ms. Worthy -- Language Arts

Ms. Zarybnicky -- Physical Education

Cafeteria Staff

Ms. Parks

Ms. Nelson

Ms. Lyman

Ms. DeAndez

Ms. Jackson

Ms. Bonacci

Mr. Davis

Custodial Staff

Mr. Sledge 

Mr. Brown

Mr. Wynn

Mr. Turner

Mr. Ammon-Keyes

Administration/Teacher Support

Mr. Simmons -- Counseling

Ms. Redinbaugh -- Counseling

Mr. Samson -- Instructional Facilitator, Science

Ms. Poskochil -- Social Worker

Mr. Fox -- Psychologist

Ms. Harder -- Speech Language Pathologist

Ms. Walker-Dombeck -- SSL

Ms. Jameson -- Community Counselor

Mr. Leaston Moo -- Interpreter

Mr. Al Khoune -- Interpreter


Mr. Britt -- Security

Mr. Moreno -- /Security

Ms. Hughes -- Security

Mr. Samuel -- Student Resource Officer


Mr. Curry -- IT


Ms. Cunningham -- Nurse

Greetings From Principal Cano

Hello Patriot Parents and Guardians,

As we end a school year that was anything but normal, I hope that disruptions to our educational system have come to an end.  I want to take a moment to thank our staff for their hard work and commitment to our students.  They have shown flexibility, determination, and resolve that was incalculable time and again during this school year.  I want to thank them for coming together as a staff to provide an education to our students, while adhering to social distancing to provide a safe learning environment. 

I also want to extend a thank you to our students as they also have shown determination and flexibility throughout the school year.  They adjusted to their new normal and put forth an effort to ensure that their academics did not suffer. 

Lastly, I would like to thank the entire Nathan Hale community for welcoming me as I transitioned into this position in January.  I immediately felt welcomed and was made a part of the school community.  As I prepare to leave Nathan Hale and the Omaha Public Schools, I will look upon my time at Hale with fondness.  Nathan Hale is an incredible building that is filled with wonderful students, caring adults, and involved parents. 

I hope that you all have a wonderful summer.


Mr. Ruben Cano


Team News -- Team Pride

Social Studies -- Is that a castle up ahead?  During fourth-quarter, Ms. Johnson and her students could tell you all about the different parts of a castle as they studied Medieval Europe.  Over the summer Ms. Johnson wants her students to visit the public library or use their Sora app to explore history.  There are many nonficition history books and historical fiction novels to check out.  Ms. Grunke's social studies students covered Ancient Rome and Medieval times during fourth quarter.  They learned of Julius Caesar's and Cleopatra's reign and what caused a lot of sadness during Medieval times.  Mrs. Grunke would like all of her students to read this summer as she believes reading is a skill that can help you in all of your subjects.  

Science -- What lessons hatched during fourth quarter science?  Well, Ms. Jiang and her scientists covered a unit called Genetic Information and Variation.  Using chickens as a starting point, students analyzed data about trait variations between parents and offspring from reproduction.  Through investigations of growing plants and macroinvertebrates, students constructed explanations for the role of environmental factors in the variations in the growth of living organisms.  Over the summer, Ms. Jiang encourages her students to review their sixth-grade science concepts and preview the concepts for seventh-grade science -- structures and properties of matter, chemical reactions, ecosystems, and energy.  Ms. Grunke's scientists focused on the systems of the human body during fourth quarter.  They learned what each system does to help our bodies function.  The students also dissected cow eyes and made baking soda volcanos.  Over the summer, Ms. Grunke encourages her students to read.  She would like her students to take the time to read and build all those skills that will help them in all subjects. 

English/Language Arts -- Whew!  Ms. Worthy, Ms. Patton and their students were busy during fourth quarter.  They studied biographies and autobigraphies and completed a biography project.  In addition, they learned about Flight 93 and the media.  These readers and writers focused on the literary element of theme as they finished the novel Bud Not Buddy by Christopher Paul Curtis.  They ended the year writing a theme analysis over the short story "The White Umbrella."  Ms. McCormick and her students kept their noses to the grindstone, too!  During fourth quarter, they worked with narrative poetry, reader's theater, plot events, and many other literacy skills.  Over the summer, Ms. McCormick would like her students to continue to read -- and as they read to engage with the story by asking questions like Why? How? and What Next?  

Math -- With the pandemic and remote instruction, Nathan Hale students were asked frequently to send an emoji in the chat box to show their teacher how they were feeling.  During fourth quarter, however, Ms. Ross and her sixth-grade math students worked on a different type of expression as they learned about equations and mathmatical expressions.  According to Ms. Ross, one of the best things students can do over the summer is work on memorizing multiplication facts. Ms. Johnson's sixth-grade math students were introduced to the basics of algebra -- expressions, equations, and inequalities.  She also encourages her students to work on their multiplication and division over the summer.  

Team News -- Team Truth

Social Studies -- Ms. Siert and her students spent fourth quarter learning about Russia with a focus on the Soviet Union and the Cold War.  Over the summer, Ms. Siert would like her students to practice their geography skills.  There are lots of fun apps that quiz players on countries around the world and their locations.  Ms. Siert's favorite is World Geography from Atom Games. Mr. Nelson and his students also traveled to Russia during fourth quarter.  This summer he would like his students read over the notes they took in class and encourages them to never hesitate to look up and research a topic they are interested in related to class.  

Science -- During fourth-quarter, Ms. Eltouny and her seventh-grade scientists completed a unit on the Body Systems and a unit on Earth Science.  During the summer, Ms. Eltouny encourages her students to visit the Children's Museum and the Joslyn Art Museum.  She also would like them to continue reading about the human body systems and explore nature.  The foot bone's connected to the...  Ms. Johnson and her students could tell you all about the human skeleton as they completed their unit on Body Systems at the beginning of fourth quarter.  They finished the year working on the Earth Science unit.  For an educational and fun summer experience, Ms. Johnson suggests visiting the Durham Science Museum and doing experiments.

English/Language Arts -- Stay Golden Seventh Grade!  During fourth quarter, Ms. Flynn and her students focused on finding a cause to be passionate about and reading the novel The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton.  Over the summer, Ms. Flynn wants her students to READ, READ, and READ for fun! Ms. Foley's and Ms. Bridgeford's ELA classes also read the novel The Outsiders during fourth quarter. They completed an Outsiders project organized by multiple intelligences.  In addition to this project, Ms. Foley's Honors/Gifted and Talented classes wrote a literary analysis about the author's use of repetition.  Over the summer, Ms. Foley encourages her students to read and write daily.  She encourages them to find books they enjoy based on their interests.  She also encourages them to journal daily, write poetry, letters, or even product reviews.  Reviews are great at developing critical thinking skills.  The final quarter of the year found Ms. Galles and her students discussing stories about courage and heroic activities.  They ended the quarter with the novel The Outsiders and did a summative project over the novel.  They presented their summative projects on the last days of class.  Ms. Galles also wants her students to READ, READ, and READ this summer to increase their comprehension and critical-thinking skills.  She truly believes reading is by far the best activity students can do to keep their minds active!

Math -- Ms. Murray and her students got into shapes during fourth quarter!  At the beginning of the quarter, they finished up equations and then worked very hard on geometry.  Ms. Murray encourages her students to continue to working in Khan Academy over the summer.  This habit will help keep their math skills sharp.  Eureka!  During fourth quarter, Mr. Stark and his students covered geometric figures and measures of figures.  Their topics included area, surface area, and volume.  Mr. Stark also believes that Khan Academy is a great way to practice math over the summer.  

Team News -- Team Freedom

Social Studies -- Ms. Benson and her social studies students focused on units about Reconstruction, Immigration, and Urbanization during fourth quarter.  She would like her students to read, engage in intellectual discussions, promote their awesomeness, and be themselves this summer.  Mr. Bedore and his eighth-grade students also covered the Reconstruction of the South after the Civil War and then rolled right into the Industrial Revolution, Immigration, Urbanization, and Reform Movements.  For the summer, Mr. Bedore would like students to read!  He encourages them to find a topic they like in history and explore it.  

Science -- At the start of fourth quarter, Ms. Eltouny and her students completed a unit on Waves and Electromagnetic Radiation.  They finished the quarter with a unit on Engergy and Forces.  According to Ms. Eltouny there are many activites students can do over the summer to keep their brains engaged with science.  Students can read about astronomy, follow NASA's mission to Mars, and research scientists such as Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin. Students also can visit the SAC Aerospace Museum by Ashland, Nebraska.  

English/Language Arts -- During fourth quarter, Ms. Carlson, Ms. Kissinger, along with co-teachers Ms. Lee and Ms. Moore, guided students through their Legacy of Anne Frank unit.  They read the play, The Diary of Anne Frank and were able to read as a variety of the play's characters.  The eighth-grade students did a fantastic job.  In addition, this industrious group analyzed and learned from several survivors as they read survivor stories and viewed videos of survivors sharing their personal narratives of their WWII experiences.  Students then wrote their own personal narrative essay.  The WWII and Holocaust Research Project took students through an A thru Z learning experience as they researched and prepared a presentation of their understanding of terms, places, people, and events from the time Anne Frank, her family, and millions of others endured during the Holocaust.  It was a powerful quarter in eighth grade!  These teachers encourage their students to keep reading over the summer as they prepare to head off to high school.  Students also are reminded to think critically, to seek information to guide the development of their thoughts, opinions, and answers, and to keep up with the events of the world by seeking each day's current events.  All of these activities will widen the students' base of knowledge.  The eighth-grade ELA students will be missed, but their teachers are so excited for these leaders and their futures.  Go Patriots!

Math -- During fourth quarter, Mr. Matthew, Ms. Billings, and their mathematicians in Pre-Algebra kept their calculators on and their pencils sharp.  They studied congruence and similarities.  Their students in Algebra studied polynomials and quadratic functions.  Both teachers would like to remind their students that their IXL and Khan Academy accounts are active over the summer.  Using either of these programs for 30 minutes to an hour a day would help keep students' minds sharp.  The students in Mr. Stark's Pre-Algebra classes covered volume, surface area, and circle graphs.  Mr. Stark also encourages his students to use Khan Academy over the summer to keep their math skills sharp.  

Team News -- Team Liberty

Music --  During fourth quarter, Ms. Bomberger and her chorus students were pitch perfect.  They covered vocal health and techniques, as well as, music use in media.  During the summer, these students are encouraged to work on their note identification skills for grand staff and ledger line note names.  Mr. Moore and the musicians in his General Music and Music Exploration classes learned about the elements of music -- such as beat, rhythm, melody, and harmony.  Mr. Moore would like his students to keep listening to good music over the summer.  Fourth quarter found Mr. Karpf and his band and string muscians learning about concert etiquette and procedures.  They also focused on proper playing techniques.  Over the summer, he would like his students to practice their instruments and watch/listen to other people playing their instruments.  

Leadership --  Ms. Benson and her seventh-grade students understand what it takes to be a leader.  During fourth-quarter, they studied leadership foundations and personal leadership.  Over the summer, Ms. Benson hopes her students will read, engage in intellectual discussions, and be themselves.  

Service Learning --  Get your head in the game, Patriots!  Ms. Benson and her students studied the foundations of service learning, created a service-learning game, and considered their personal development in terms of service.  Speaking of personal development, Ms. Benson wants these students to read, engage in intellectual discussion, and be themselves over the summer.  During fourth quarter, Mr. Nelson's students learned how to properly plan a service learning project.  This summer he encourages everyone to get involved.  If they see something they can help with, they shouldn't be afraid to help make a difference.

Physical Education --  The students in Mr. Hansen's physical education classes spent fourth quarter focusing on fitness, journaling, and sportsmanship.  Over the summer, they are encouraged to continue daily physical activity and journaling to maintain healthy habits.  During fourth quarter, Ms. Zarbynicky and her students reviewed kickball, badminton, and volleyball.  Her classes went outside when it was nice and did a variety of fitness activities using the stairs.  Over the summer, Ms. Zarbynicky encourages her students to stay physically active.

Art -- At the beginning of fourth-quarter, Ms. Konvalin and her artists looked at street art, graffiti, name designs, murals, and stencil work.  They continued on to reviewing color mixing, color relationships, color theory, and how color can impact mood in an artwork.  This creative group also looked at different cultures with a multimedia cherry blossom lesson and a Cinco de Mayo choice board.  Their final project of the quarter was recreating a famous artwork, but applying their own personal twist to the original.  Ms. Konvalin would like everyone to know that there are two things kids can do to enhance their art skills over the summer.  The first is doing anything to help with fine motor skills, such a braiding friendship bracelets, doodling, drawing, painting, creating origami, filling up coloring books, or anything where they have to focus on small details.  The second is to keep those creative thoughts moving.  Ms. Konvalin would recommend doing things like coloring apps, sidewalk chalk, zentangles, crafts, or anything that is artsy, crafty, and fun.  

Careers -- During fourth quarter, the students in Ms. King's Introduction to Careers classes covered the topics of Making a Plan, Strange and Unusual Careers, and Making Decisions.  Her students in Career Exploration classes covered the topics of Spotlight on Veterinarians, What It Takes To Become An Astronaut, and Becoming An Entrepreneur.  Over the summer, Ms. King encourages her students to stay in tune with information concerning new innovative careers and to keep looking into careers that interest them.  

ESL -- Ms. Darling's students worked on research, writing, and speaking skills during fourth quarter.  They created presentations about a country or culture and presented them in a formal speech to their classmates.  Ms. Darling wants all of her Patriots to continue to read, write, and practice speaking English over the summer.  She also is excited to see all of the ESL students at summer school.

Computer Applications -- Ms. Voss and her fourth-quarter students covered a variety of applications.  They mastered their daily typing, while enhancing skills in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.


2021 - 2022 Book Blaster List

We Need You!

The Nathan Hale PTA is back for the 2021 - 2022 school year and is looking to increase participation. 

If you are interested in supporting our students, please let us know.  Call the school at (531) 299 - 2360 or email Ms. Benson at for more information. 

Your support is greatly appreciated.  


Earning Degrees

Congratulations to Ms. Benson and Ms. Redinbaugh for completing their master's degrees this Spring. 

Ms. Benson earned a Master of Education degree in Educational Administration. 

Ms. Redinbaugh earned a Master of Science in Education degree -- School Administration PK - 8.

Saying Goodbye

Congratulations to Ms. King on her retirement!  

Ms. King is resigning and going back into retirement after 48 years with Omaha Public Schools.  She began her career at Horace Mann Junior High School (King Science) where she taught vocal music for two years.  When the district began busing to create more diversity in schools, Ms. King was assigned to Lewis and Clark.  She taught vocal music at Lewis and Clark for six years. 

Ms. King came to Nathan Hale in 1982 as a vocal music teacher.  In 2007 she left music and began teaching Learning Strategy until she retired in 2013.  Ms. King came back from retirement to teach piano part time.  This part-time position was phased out in 2014, and Ms. King promised Nathan Hale's administration that she would be a part-time substitute.  She worked as a part-time substitute until September when the district asked her to take on a long-term substitute position.  Ms. King agreed to this arrangement, but then the district asked her to be a full-time teacher on contract.  Once the year ended, the district asked her again to be a long-term substitute teaching Career classes, and again she ended up a full-time teacher on contract.  This time Ms. King stayed for almost five years, and we are so glad she did!

Ms. King has had the unique opportunity to teach at the school where her children and grandchildren attended.  She also has taught many of the parents of her current students.  She sees her former students doing extraordinary things with their lives.  Ms. King is so proud to have touched so many lives in her tenure with Omaha Public Schools, and she has worked with amazing people who will always be dear to her heart.

Congratulations to Dr. Snell on his retirement!

Dr. Snell started work as a resource teacher in the ACP classroom in 1992 at Ralston High School.  He moved to Florida in 1998 and taught for Pinellas County schools until 2006.  Dr. Snell also taught teacher education courses and special education courses for Walden University and The University of Phoenix.  One of his favorite "gigs" was being a supervisor for student teachers for Walden University.  

From The Athletics/Activities Director's Desk

Hello Patriot Parents,

As we close the 20/21 school year, our students and families completed a year with many ups and downs and twists and turns.  However, we made it through the year with our top priorities being education and safety.  With all the changes that have occurred, our students have continued to show why they are "Tomorrow's Leaders."


In an attempt to keep students safe and socially distant, while trying to provide more athletic opportunities for students, we allowed our boys' and girls' soccer teams and boys' and girls' track teams to compete against other schools.  We followed all mandatory safety procedures.  The students and coaches, Mr. Clerc, Ms. Siert, Mr. Irvin, Ms. Johnson, Ms. Ridley, Mr. Stark, and Mr. Lessley, had a great time competing.  Our athletes showed integrity, tenacity, and perseverance, while also having fun!  We are very proud of our Patriots!

Next year, we will increase the opportunities to compete.  Please be sure your student has a completed physical so they can compete next school year.


Chess club, National Junior Honor Society, and Thrive have all been meeting over this last quarter.  These activities have allowed our students to improve on their social and leadership skills, while serving the community.  

As we move into the next school year, our goal will be to continue to make sure students have a great time and make new friends, while developing their skills to become tomorrow's leaders.  I continue to look forward to working with your students as we build their capacity of knowledge, character, and drive.  


Ms. Ayesha Station

Assistant Principal, Athletics/Activities

Greetings Fromn Ms. McNeil

Hello Patriots!

I am excited to wrap up the 20/21 school year and dream about the start of the next school year in the Fall.  We battled through the pandemic and won the fight!  Now, it is time to start all over again with might!  We can, with strength, courage, and will, make almost anything possible.  I believe this upcoming year will be full of success.  I look forward to welcoming you into our building.  Patriots rock the Patriot Way!  GOOOOOO PATRIOTS! 


Ms. NIsha McNeil

Dean of Students


First Quarter

Staff Member of the Quarter -- Mr. Moreno

Teacher of the Quarter -- Ms. Grunke

Second Quarter

Staff Member of the Quarter -- Ms. Cunningham

Teacher of the Quarter -- Ms. Kissinger

Third Quarter

Staff Member of the Quarter -- Ms. White

Teacher of the Quarter -- Ms. Galles

Fourth Quarter

Staff Member of the Quarter -- Ms. Marion

Teacher of the Quarter -- Ms. McCormick


Staff Member(s) of the Year -- Ms. Cunningham, Mr. Khoune,  Mr. Moo, Mr. Moreno, and Mr. Samson

Teacher(s) of the Year -- Ms. Benson and Ms. King

News From Nurse Cunningham

Updated Health Office Summer Checklist for Sixth-Grade thru Ninth-Grade Students

Incoming Sixth-Grade Students

* Physical NOT needed.

* Dental exam is highly recommended.

* Vision exam is highly recommended.

* Asthma, Anaphylaxis Allergies, Diabetic, Seizure Disorders will need Action Plans filled out by a physician.

* Permission forms are needed for medications to be taken at school from physicians and parents.

Incoming Seventh-Grade Students

* Seventh-grade immunizations: Must have 1 dose of Tdap (must contain Pertussis booster).

* Physicals dated after 3/1/21.

* Dental exam is highly recommended.

* Vision exam is highly recommended.

* Asthma, Anaphylaxis Allergies, Diabetic, Seizure Disorders will need Action Plans filled out by a physician.

* Permission forms are needed for medications to be taken at school from physicians and parents.

Incoming Eighth-Grade Students

* Catch up immunizations.

* Physical (only if participating in a sport) dated after 5/1/21.

* Dental exam is highly recommended.

* Vision exam is high recommended.

* Asthma, Anaphylaxis Allergies, Diabetic, Seizure Disorders will need Action Plans filled out by a physician.

* Permission forms are needed for medications to be taken at school from physicians and parents.

Incoming Ninth-Grade Students

* Catch up immunizations.

* Physical (only if participating in a sport) dated after 5/1/21.

* Dental exam is highly recommended.

* Vision exam is highly recommended.

* Asthma, Anaphylaxis Allergies, Diabetic, Seizure Disorders will need Action Plans filled out by a physician.

* Permission forms are needed for medications to be taken at school from physicians and parents.

Omaha Public Schools does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, disability, age, genetic information, citizenship status, or economic status in its programs, activities and employment and provides equal access to the Boy Scouts and other designated youth groups. The following individual has been designated to address inquiries regarding the non-discrimination policies: Superintendent of Schools, 3215 Cuming Street, Omaha, NE 68131 (531-299-9822).

Las Escuelas Públicas de Omaha no discriminan basados en la raza, color, origen nacional, religión, sexo, estado civil, orientación sexual, discapacidad , edad, información genética, estado de ciudadanía, o estado económico, en sus programas, actividades y empleo, y provee acceso equitativo a los “Boy Scouts” y a otros grupos juveniles designados. La siguiente persona ha sido designada para atender estas inquietudes referentes a las pólizas de no discriminación: El Superintendente de las Escuelas, 3215 Cuming Street, Omaha, NE 68131 (531-299-9822).