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Jackson Annual Library Goals: 2014-2015

Goals are a work in progress...

Collection Development

Focus on building the Easy collection in Spanish and English

*Providing ebooks for access to all with physical space limits in mind

Investigate what kids are reading...What topics they want to read...What they feel passionate about-

My first year at Jackson has been spent getting to know the students and what they generally read. In addition, I have spent time trying to entice them to read books they wouldn't normally check out. One way I found is by having students write a short review of their favorite book-The hearts were on display: I Never Met a Book I didn't Like! This was a success in that kids spent time reading the reviews. Another way was an idea I borrowed where I wrote a short blurb from an exciting portion of the book, laminated it and placed it on a craft stick. "Please don't leave me here.!" "Check me out." After monitoring what kids were reading, my second book order was filled with fiction books kids asked for based on: additions to a series we already had, graphic novels from back covers of books they love, anything with a 'dragon' theme and upcoming Golden Sowers. The weeding I did was based on age and duplicate books. I tried to rotate books on display periodically as that is another way to 'catch the eye' of the reader. 

Circulation/Fines Strategies

Reminders at check out about books due to the library

Provide alternate ways for students to 'work off' fines when appropriate to age and grade level

Allowing students to check out regardless of books overdue-1 at a time books


  1. After touring the beautiful new middle school during library curriculum day I was inspired to create book talk bubble sticks that are like a bookmark to entice readers. What a wonderful idea. Then,during the month of February, grades 3-6 wrote on large hearts about a book they love now or have loved! We received some great responses and it seemed more fun and engaging other than a 'review' or report-Even though it was much like one! (Please, don't tell the kids!)
  2. I believe our circulation numbers would have been similar to last years' efforts but I was on the 'cart' for 5 weeks due to testing. This is the first time Jackson has ever done the library cart so it did make a difference in circulation. 
  3. I need to do a better job with kindergarten check out in 2015-16. I found some plastic bags in a back room that I will label with student names so they have a way to protect their take-home books. I will have one of the paraprofessionals or our Liason, Mrs. Arriaga translate to students verbally, and in writing, about taking books home, bringing them back and keeping them clean and safe. 



Constantly changing and adding links and documents to Libguides Library page per grade level based on teacher focus in math and reading-Utilize pacing guides, Acuity results, teacher focus, and Library Media projects

I wrote a grant and received bilingual eReaders for our Dual Language program as all the readers are Math and Science based. My next goal is to add more Dual Language links. 

I believe Library Services has provided a number of very useful resources but it seems, at least for myself, I need to spend more time exploring and learning what each resource can do for my students and for me!



Library Goals

Providing books in the hands of all students that are at their reading and interest level...REACH for the 2 Million Mark!

The Easy section at Jackson was lacking in the amount of books available to English and Spanish readers. I looked at popular books in English and ordered those in Spanish. Also, I added a number of 'Rookie Readers' in both languages-bilingual where available. 

Library Lab students utilizing their email account in Outlook for sharing information and collaboration

I was finally able to have all 3rd-6th graders login to their email. After Christmas break all lab computers were updated and students were able to save items to their page in their account. 

Integration of Common Sense Media lessons each quarter with a focus on internet use and safety

My Common Sense Media lessons were not what they could or should have been. I believe I need to be a better planner when creating projects aligned with testing: Acuity, Science and MAT assessments as all of that took us out of the lab for a number of weeks each session. We worked on projects and practiced skills and typing assessments which took more time than anticipated. 

Introducing students to useful tools in technology to enhance their learning: Word, PowerPoint, Photobooth/video-

5th grade learned how to create videos using photobooth-they rehearsed what they wanted to say and created a vocabulary conversational video-unfortunately, fifth grade began participating in Dancing Classrooms which took them away from the library/lab most of the time-Fortunately, the Jackson team won the competition! Next year these seasoned 6th graders will be able to create awesome retellings, book reviews and recite poems for two voices! 

Many 6th graders created a PowerPoint telling about the 'Jackson Years'-they talked about all being together in Kindergarten and who their favorite teachers were-they added selfies and group pictures while adding cool sounds and transitions. 

Continue to organize the physical space in the library to best serve the student and teacher patrons was a goal for 2014-15. I worked toward meeting this goal all year. After weeding many very tattered and worn out books, then shifting the shelves around, I was able to  focus on housing Dual Language materials and obtaining books kids want to read. 

Focus on Big 6 Skills and Inquiry Projects with curriular connections-K-6 Pacing Guides-My goal for 2015-16!

Instructional Best Practices

Gradual Release Model for all grade levels for projects and new skills learning-

I used more 'think alouds' this year than ever before. I believe that when students hear you talking and thinking things through, questioning your own thinking and making adjustments, they realize that even teachers must stop and think about what they are doing or need to accomplish. 

Using rubrics for Keyboarding, Research, reader's theatre and fluency all proved effective. However, I feel I need to use a poster size and continue the PowerPoint versions so it is ever present during work time.  

Kagan strategies for engagement-(focus strategies forthcoming)I am attending a summer workshop and will use the top 2 best engagement activities at the beginning of the 2015-16 school year. 

  • I currenlty use: Raise your hand it you can hear my voice: Then, I give the directions/have students turn to LCD screen or Elmo.  I often say: Who can tell me what we are going to be doing? I need to remind myself to stop and ask it each and every time-it takes time but saves time in the end. Recently I created 3 large round circles in red, yellow and green. We use the Green Agenda and the STOP sign at Jackson. I am going to begin the year with showing the circle and recalling the expections for staying at green-EX: Table 3 has had a 'green' day-good for them!

Visual expectations and verbal expectations for continued prodedures and routines are a useful tool and a wonderful idea when used consistently. I did have visual expectations posted and used them in a PowerPoint for entering/exiting the lab and library and what it looks like. However, I did NOT use students from Jackson doing these steps-This was my mistake. I need to 'revise' all my visuals during practice days the first week of school and take immediate pictures of students 'doing it correctly' and printing and hanging it up. 

Practice Standards by creating projects, playing online games, embedding standards into Read Alouds...

Upcoming Projects

5th and 6th grade: Vocabulary Conversations: Dos Idiomas

                                  Using focus vocabulary in the real world...

3rd grade: NETA Proposal-


            Kids Collaborating Across Town using Office 365…


Libguides Page of Resources

Next Year I would like to...

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