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Extended Essay: Picking your EE Supervisor

Picking Your EE Supervisor

Directions to Student:

1.       Brainstorm possible supervisors for your Extended Essay.

2.       Approach ONE teacher to supervise your Extended Essay. This teacher should have general knowledge in the subject area of your paper, but he/she need not be an IB teacher. You must choose a Central faculty member. If that teacher is unwilling, ask another.

3.       Explain the duties of an EE supervisor, and obtain the signature of your supervisor on this form. THIS FORM IS DUE ON MONDAY, FEBRUARY 26 by 4:00 PM.

4.       Schedule a formal meeting with your supervisor to discuss your research. Your first reflection is due Sunday, March 25, 2017, by 11:55 p.m.

Supervisor Needs to Know...

Thank you for considering supervising an Extended Essay! The Extended Essay is a required 4,000-word essay and independent research project for all IB diploma candidates that spans both the junior and the senior year of high school. While the EE is intended to allow students to complete an original academic paper independently, faculty supervisors help to guide and encourage students through the process. They also read the final product to predict a grade on this IB assessment.

Please read the following duties of an EE supervisor and ask any questions of the student OR Beth Eilers, EE Coordinator, before signing the EE Supervisor Agreement Form.

Roles and Duties, 2017-2018 School Year:

•         Meet with student to provide general guidance on the student’s topic and help the student hone his or her research question.

•         Attend a supervisor training session at Central on Wednesday, March 7, from 3:15 to 5:15 (or make other arrangements with Beth Eilers).

•         Meet formally with student between March 8 and 23 to discuss the student’s progress.

•         Continue to check in occasionally to monitor the student’s progress in researching, outlining, and drafting the paper.

•         Attend an Extended Essay Writer’s Workshop for approximately 2 hours at UNO on the afternoon of May 29. Meet formally with the student to discuss planning and preparation for the summer and complete a brief, written plan.

•         DO NOT comment on any complete draft of the EE until it is finished (September 2018). You may, however, comment on parts of the essay at any time.

•         The student is responsible for approaching you with questions and concerns, so you should  not need to initiate any meetings. However, please be available to the student when you are approached.

Roles and Duties, 2018 -2019 School Year:

·         Read and comment on ONE complete draft of the EE. (Drafts are due on September 4, 2018). Soon after, meet for a check-in session to provide feedback on the student’s first complete draft.

·         Attend a pinning ceremony celebrating the student’s accomplishments on November 8, 2018.

·         Meet formally for a final time (viva voce) when final essay has been turned in. Submit final essay, comments and predicted grade to IB in February 2019.

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