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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I find the passwords for online databases when I am at home?

      The passwords for online databases were sent home.  Also, I can email the information to parents directly.

What is my login information for reading in Sora? 

      Your username is your student identification number.  Your password is based on your birthday.  Begin with a two digit number for the month you were born.  Add the two digit number for the day you were born.  Last, add the two digits at the end of your birth year.           

> HERE IS AN EXAMPLE:         56789                                       SORA

Intermediate Golden Sowers 2019-2020

VOTE for your favorite Golden Sower 2020-2021

Chapter Book Golden Sowers...What's your favorite?
The Next Great Paulie Fink: 9 votes (21.43%)
Saving Winslow: 6 votes (14.29%)
Ruby in the Sky: 4 votes (9.52%)
Strongheart: Wonder dog of the sliver screen: 6 votes (14.29%)
Bob: 1 votes (2.38%)
The Miscalculations of Lightening Girl: 1 votes (2.38%)
Max and the Midknights: 2 votes (4.76%)
Captain Superlative: 2 votes (4.76%)
Hope in the Holler: 7 votes (16.67%)
The Unsung Hero of Birdsong, USA.: 4 votes (9.52%)
Total Votes: 42

Information about the Golden Sower Nominees

What is the Nebraska Golden Sower Award?
The Golden Sower Award is a children’s choice award given annually to authors and illustrators as determined by the votes of thousands of school-age readers from across Nebraska. Golden Sower Awards are given annually representing three categories: Primary, Intermediate, and Young Adult.

What is the purpose of the Nebraska Golden Sower Award? 
The Nebraska Golden Sower Award program aspires to:
+stimulate children’s thinking and discussions about a variety of topics
+introduce different types of literature 
+encourage independent reading 
+foster an appreciation for excellence in writing and illustrating

How does the Golden Sower Award program work?
Each year the program runs from summer to the following spring with local libraries and schools introducing the current nominated titles. Readers can enjoy reading or listening to the nominees throughout the year. Eligible voters must cast their ballots through a library or school before the April deadline. 

How do participants vote?
Voting is open to all eligible NE Golden Sower readers who have read or heard a minimum of four of the current nominees from one category. At Jackson Elementary, we vote online. Links to voting online are found on this page.

Happy Reading!


GOLDEN SOWER Nominees 2020-2021

Primary Golden Sowers 2020-2021
This is a Taco!: 0 votes (0%)
We Don't Eat our Classmates: 6 votes (27.27%)
Grumpy Monkey: 4 votes (18.18%)
Got to Get to Bear's!: 0 votes (0%)
Be Kind: 0 votes (0%)
Thank You, Omu!: 0 votes (0%)
Neck and Neck: 4 votes (18.18%)
Crash, Splash, or Moo!: 0 votes (0%)
The Donkey Egg: 4 votes (18.18%)
Sweety: 4 votes (18.18%)
Total Votes: 22

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