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Ms. Blackburn's Language Arts: SchoolTube Movie Project

Due Dates

PIck book by:

First discussion questions due:

Second discussion questions due:

Third discussion questions due:

Incredible Journey viewing on:

Watch movie by:

Essay typing in class:

Essay due:

Work on video review in class:

Movie due:



LA 8.1.6j  Generate and/or answer literal, inferential, critical, and interpretive questions, analyzing and synthesizing prior knowledge, information from the text and additional sources, to support answers


LA 8.2.2a  Write in a variety of genres, considering purpose and audience

LA 8.2.2b Write considering typical characteristics of the selected genre (e.g., business letter, report, email, class notes, research paper, play, web page/blog)


LA 8.3.1b Demonstrate and adjust speaking techniques for a variety of purposes and situations

LA 8.3.3b Interact and collaborate with others in learning situations by contributing questions, information, opinions, and ideas using a variety of media and formats

Multiple Literacies:

LA 8.4.1f  Gather and share information and opinions as a result of communication with others (e.g., video/audio chat, interview, podcast, multi-media presentations)

 LA 8.4.1g  Use social networks and information tools to gather and share information (online collaborative tools)

Assignment Directions

    1. Form a group of 3-5 people who are willing to read the same book.
    2. Read a book that has been turned into a movie. Watch the movie after reading the book.
    3. Participate in group discussions about the book.
    4. Compare and contrast the movie and book in a written essay
    5. Create a short video about the movie and book.
    6. Post the edited movie on SchoolTube

    Gifted/High Ability students will be placed in a group together by teacher choice.

    Step One: Picking A Group

    1. Your group should be able to work well together and stay on task easily.
    2. Groups who are unable to stay on task will be assigned a book of the teachers choice and group members will then do the project individually.

    Step Two: Picking a book and movie

    1. Find titles of books that have been turned in to movies online.
    2. You may not chose movies that are rated "R"
    3. You must make sure everyone in the group will have parent permission to watch the movie (especially if it is rated PG13)
    4. It will be your responsibility to find a copy of the movie. You can watch as a group or individually. The school is not responsible if you lend out your movie and it gets lost or broken!
    5. You may not chose books that are not close to your grade level - examples: Charlott's web, Ramona
    6. You may need to get extra copies of the book from the Omaha Public Library if there are not enough copies in the school library
    7. You must have your choice approved by Ms. Blackburn

    Students who cannot watch a movie at home will read the book "The Incredible Journey" and watch the movie after school one day in the classroom.

    Step Three: Book Discussions

    1. Read the discussion questions before you read your book so you know what to look for.
    2. Write down the questions and answers in complete sentences. All three sets of questions should be stapled together to turn in.
    3. Share your answers in the book discussion.

    Your questions must be answered before the discussion begins to participate. If your homework is not done, you will need to come to a make up discussion. You will hand in all the questions after the third discussion.

    First Set of Discussion Questions:

    1. Describe the setting of the book.

    2. What challenges does your main character face?

    3. How does your character react or adapt to the challenges?

    4. Create and answer three questions for this section (literal, inferential, critical)

    Second Set of Discussion Questions:

    4. Create and answer three questions for this section (literal, inferential, critical)

    Third Set of Discussion Questions:

    1. What have you personally learned from reading this novel?

    2. Is the setting critical for this story, or could it happen in any country?

    4. Create and answer three questions for this section (literal, inferential, critical)

    Make up dates for the discussions are posted on the due dates box.

    Step Four: Essay

    1. Write a five paragraph comparison/contrast essay.
    2. Your topic sentence should include your book title, author, and opinion compared to the movie.

      Ex:  The Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins, is far better than the action movie that tried to portray it.

      Paper expectations:

      2 pages typed, 12 size font, 1 inch margins on all sides, normal font, double spaced, page numbers on the top right corner with your last name

      Please include a double spaced header in the left upper corner with your name, the date, your class and block,


      Lydia Johnson

      June 3, 2014

      Langauge Arts Block 3/4

      Center and underline the title of your paper     Ex:  The Movie That Left Us Starving for Details

      The last page should be a Works Cited page in MLA format with the citations of your novel and movie

    Step Five: Book and Movie Review

    You will create a book and movie review with the following criteria:

    • Everyone's opinions of both the book and the movie will be on the video
    • Everyone must write part of the script and act in the video
    • The format of the video is your choice (Ex: interview style, group discussion, news anchor, etc.)
    • The video should be between 1-2 minutes
    • The group should use a movie editing software of their choice to add in a title page, music, transistions, word headings, and credits

    The group will show the video to Ms. Blackburn before posting to the Buffett Channel of SchoolTube.

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