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Wakonda: 3rd Grade - Omaha Historical Landmarks

Libguide for the Wakonda Library

3rd Grade Project / Product

Students will create an Omaha Landmarks presentation  (pamphlet, poster, PowerPoint, Sway, written/oral narrative)

  • Illustration/photograph of community landmark
  • Map to show where community landmark is located
  • Written paragraph about community landmark

Students will share final versions.

Sights and Sounds of Omaha

Ben's dream - what is a landmark?

Big6 -Research Guide for Omaha Landmarks

1. What do I need to do? (Task Definition)-

2./3. What resources can I use and where can I find them?

4. How will I organize my information?

5. What can I make to show what I learned?

6. How will I know I did my job well?

Citation Practice


Woolley, Katie. ____________________________________. Windmill Books, 2017.

Olien, _____________. The Changing Earth. Bridgestone Books, 2003.


Gilmore, _____J______________. Cool Kids Live in Omaha! Omaha Schools Foundation, 2003.


“History: About US.” Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium, _______date_____________,


"Zoo." Britannica School, Encyclopædia Britannica, 3 Dec. 2018. Accessed 5 Feb. 2019.


 The Rose Theater  The Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge click on History

Girls and Boys Town

Joslyn Art Museum Fort Omaha


book article breakdown


Important dates

"Omaha founded the Riverview Park in 
1894. Several years later, Colonel William 
F. Cody loaned the park two bison. There 
were also deer, a grizzly bear, and 120 
other animals.

"The park kept increasing in animal 
population during the years 1900-1952, 
so new exhibits and improvements were 
made to support them. In 1952, the Omaha 
Zoological Society was organized. They 
improved the zoo tremendously.

"The Lied Jungle, which is about the 
height of an eight-story building, was 
completed in 1992. It is the world's largest 
indoor rainforest. It is comprised of three 
different jungles, where you can walk 
across a suspension bridge, stroll behind 
a 50-foot waterfall, and enjoy watching 
nearly ninety different animal species.




What can you see?

"The Walter and Suzanne Scott Kingdoms 
of the Seas Aquarium, which opened in 
1995, offers visitors some exciting 
experiences. You can view Antarctic 
penguins through a 60-foot long window 
that extends both above and below water 
level. This allows you to watch the 
penguins on ice and under water. The 
Aquarium also features an underwater 
stroll on the ocean floor through a 70-foot 
long tunnel. You can view large sharks, 
rays, and thousands of beautiful, colorful, 
coral reef fish. They will delight you as 
they swim past you on two sides and 
overhead. What an adventure this is!

"In 1997, the Lozier IMAX Theater was 
opened. The huge screen brings to life 
the natural world. A showing at the IMAX 
Theater is quite an educational and 
entertaining experience. 
"The Henry Doorly Zoo also features the 
world's largest desert dome, completed in 
2002, where you can see a thirty-foot tall 
sand dune, walk through hummingbird 
canyon, and watch road runners in action.

"Kingdoms of the Night is the world's 
largest nocturnal exhibit. You'll be able 
to see creatures that are active at night, 
such as crocodiles, muskrats, bats, 
wallabies, and flying squirrels. 
"Other sights to enjoy at the zoo include: 
North America's largest Cat Complex, 
Wild Kingdom Pavilion, Bear Canyon, 
Pachyderm Hill, Sea Lion Pavilion, Monkey 
Islands, Giraffe Complex, the Petting Zoo, 
and the Free Flight Aviary. As you walk 
through the aviary, you can see over 500 
birds, such as, flamingos, ducks, swans 
and storks flying free.



Who Are the People?


"Omaha founded the Riverview Park in 
1894. Several years later, Colonel William 
F. Cody loaned the park two bison. There 
were also deer, a grizzly bear, and 120 
other animals.


"Margaret Hitchcock Doorly donated 
$750,000 to the zoo in 1963. The zoo was 
named after her late husband, Henry 
Doorly, chairman of the World Publishing 
Company. The zoo continued to improve.


"Dr. Lee G. Simmons has been very 
important in making the zoo such a large 
success. He began working at Omaha's 
Henry Doorly Zoo in 1966 as Staff 
Veterinarian. Soon after that, he became 
the Associate Director. In 1970, he 
was named Director of Omaha's Henry 
Doorly Zoo.



Omaha Landmark Print Resources

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