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Teacher Resources: Passwords and Keychain

Password Change and Keychain Cleaner 


Your OPS Password must be changed every 180 days. Password changes must always be done while at school.  After changing your OPS password it may take up to one hour for that change to sync to Office 365.


Related to your password is the Keychain. The Keychain is where "secrets" are stored on Macs. Saved website passwords and whatnot. The Keychain's password is usually the same as your laptop's, but they can become out-of-sync if your OPS password is reset by the Help Desk or changed on another computer. In that case, you will get Keychain errors until fixed.


When you change your password on your laptop, you will get Keychain errors on all other computers that you log intoThat is normal. But, you must fix these keychain errors. Here is how to do that:




Here is another way you can change your password: 


Go to the district web portal page from any web browser.


From here, you should see a screen where you can change your password from.


Every staff laptop has a password monitoring app installed.


This app sits in your menu bar at the top of the

screen and reports the number of days
left until your OPS password expires.

Clicking it provides an option to change your password. 


This is the preferred method
to change your password as this will
automatically sync your Keychain password
and avoid Keychain errors.




If the password monitor app is not
working for you make sure to
restart your computer to ensure you are

properly connected to the OPS network.


Or, if you can't find it for some reason, you can also change your OPS password by going to Apple menu > System Preferences > Users & Groups and click Change Password:

If either of these methods does not work, please contact the Help Desk.








If you are seeing errors like this (or anything involving the word “Keychain”) when logging into your laptop:

If you keep seeing these errors, here is what you need to do:  All staff have access (via Managed Software Center) to an app named Keychain Cleaner which will "cleanup" those errors.


If you don’t remember how to open Managed Software Center, click the Search icon in the upper right corner of your screen, type "Managed" and then click the result to open:


Once there you’ll see all the software available to you, including Keychain Cleaner: 


Click INSTALL and follow the prompts and your Keychain errors will be gone.






Resetting Your Pasword

How to change your Office 365 password to keep your account secure:

  1. Sign in to with your school account - ending with
  2. Go to Settings > Password. (see Photo 1)
  3. Enter your old password.
  4. Create a new password that is at least 8 characters long with one capital letter, one special character and one number.  It cannot be a recently used password. (see Photo 2)
  5. Select Submit to finish and change your password.


A video on how to change your Microsoft password:

Important: The password will need to be at least 8 characters long with at least one capital letter, one  special character and one number. It also cannot be a recently used password.


If they need assistance, they can always contact the Help Desk through or 531.299.0300.

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