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Monroe Middle School Library: Roller Coaster

Fake it to Make it

Learning Goals:

  • Students will be able to describe several ways to create a viral post on social media
  • Students will plan a news article that is likely to be monetized through various appeals.

Success Indicators:

  • Students will complete an Edpuzzle describing how to identify fake websites
  • Students will invent news articles that will help them achieve their first 4 goals in Fake It to Make It.

Edpuzzle:  umhoiwc


Instructions #1


Start Here


  1. Open Formatives in Clever (listed under Mrs. Mulder)  and go to Roller Coaster: Fake It to Make It
  2. Go to the Fake it to Make it game.
  3. Choose Start a New Game
  4. Choose a guide
  5. Put Your Real First Name but add your Teacher's Last name so Mrs. M will know which class you are in.
  6. Choose what you are going to purchase in the game.
  7. Click "Get Started"Right Facing Arrow
  8. Read what the guide tells you about the game-- remember, if you select the text, you can have your iPad read it out loud to you.
  9. Go to the Edpuzzle on the Right- complete "How to spot fake news websites".


Instructions #2

Now it is time to create your site in the game

9. Click "Create site"

10. Think about what you learned in the video about making your site name look "real" and make sure your site is most likely to trick people.

11. Choose a logo.

12.  Choose "Custom Domain and Hosting"

13. Choose "Online Voice Theme" 

14. Choose Ads for Monetization

15.  On the right hand side, click "Create this Site"

16. Go to Edpuzzle 2  and complete "How to spot a fake website" before going on.Right Facing Arrow

Instructions #3

Choose your audience

17. Now you need to add articles to your website.

18. Choose whether you are going to aim your site towards Purple or Orange -- click on the Question Mark in the top right corner of the box in the game to understand what this means.

19. Now look through the articles that have your color indicated as an article topic but that have high Believability or Drama scores.

20.  Select 2 articles that you think will bring the most traffic to your website.Right Facing Arrow

21. Copy the articles in the box on the right after you select.

22.  Watch & Complete Edpuzzle #3, How to Deal with Trolling, Bots and Fake Accounts? 

Instructions #4

 Choose social media profiles

23. You have to pay for the Social Media Profiles that will share your fake news.

24.  Choose a profile that

  • Matches your color
  • Has lots of friends
  • Has high credibility

25. Next choose the group that you are going to share your news with that :

  • matches your color
  • Has lots of members
  • might have a matching topic

26. Now plant your articles and see if you hit your goals to get at least 100 shares and earn at least $10.  If your articles don't hit these goals, try different articles until they do.

27.  Once you have completed all of the 1st Four Goals in the Game, you can go back to the Fake News Fairgrounds and take a different ride.


Before you leave


  1. Before you leave your Fake It to Make It Game, click on the tab that says "Site Dashboard" and then take a screen shot of this page that shows your goals, likes, shares, views and revenue & paste it into the Formative
  2. The game automatically saves to the device so you can go back and play anytime.

Edpuzzle 1

When you finish the Edpuzzle, take a screen shot of your final score and paste it into the Formative.


Edpuzzle #2

When you finish the Edpuzzle, take a screen shot of your final score and paste it into the Formative.


Edpuzzle #3

When you finish the Edpuzzle, take a screen shot of your final score and paste it into the Formative.

Roller Coaster Gif

   Click the Button to Return to the Fairgrounds and choose your next ride.

Fake News Fairgrounds Button

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