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Monroe Middle School Library: Horror ELA RSP 8th Grade

Is Horror Appropriate for 8th Graders?



Box #1

   Watch the video and login to create your Noodletools account.

Box #2

 Preparing to research

Places to go for your research

Possible Sources of Information:

  • Reread or listen to Items in textbook: 
    • Scary Tales page 99
    • What is the Horror Genre? page 125
  • Search Gale Library Database:
    • Go to Clever and scroll down to OPS Library Media Services Resources
    • Click Gale Resources:  If it prompts you for a login or code, type in OPS
    • Choose Gale in Context:  High School
    • Search "Violence in Media"
    • Start by looking at the REFERENCE sources of material for ones that look like they might give you the info you need.
    • If you want more info, look at magazines or news articles.

If you need more, you can try these spots BUT keep in mind that you will have to create the citations yourself.

Box #3

 Making Your Citations for Your Sources


Box #4

      Writing Your Persuasive Essay/Speech

  1. Login to Clever
  2. Go to Formatives on either your teacher's page or Mrs. Mulder's page.
  3. Find the assignment called "Writing a Persuasive Essay or Speech"
  4. Complete the entire Formative, in order, so that when you are finished, you have completely written your speech or essay.
  5. When you have finished, return to this page.


Box #5

       Giving your speech

You are going to record yourself giving your speech.  

  1. Download iMovie to your iPad from the Manager App.  (if you need help on using iMovie, look on the right side of this page for tutorials)
  2. Make yourself look nice and then record yourself giving your speech.
  3. Find an image at this site that represents your side of the argument - do NOT use other sites because this one includes the citation on the picture so you don't get in trouble for Plagiarism.
  4. Download the picture to your device and then add it to iMovie to be the first image that is seen and then add your name and class block as a title on that slide so your teacher will know who it is for.
  5. Once you get that all organized and looking good on iMovie.
  6. Save your iMovie to your device in Photos & Videos.
  7. Share your iMovie with your teacher in whatever way your teacher has determined is easiest for them.

Project Learning Goals

Project Learning Goals

  • I can gather information to explore the appropriateness of the horror genre.
  • I can present my findings as an argument speech or essay.

Success Indicators

  • I will have at least 3 sources of information that support my arguments correctly cited in Noodletools
  • I will have a completed essay or speech supporting my thesis argument that uses information to back up my claims.


Graphic organizer

The graphic organizer will download as a picture that you can either use Markup on your iPad in photos to write on or put it in Notes and write on it from there.

Do you need more info on how to fill out your graphic organizer?  This short video will give you a little bit more IF you need it.

Project Overview

Why I love Noodletools

iMovie Tutorials

How to Take Research Notes

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