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Check It Out: November 20, 2018

Your monthly news from the OPS Library Services Staff

Podcast Edition

Do you enjoy listening to people chat and geek out about books?  Consider listing to a book related podcast while driving, walking around your neighborhood, folding laundry, or shelving books.  There are many free ways to listen to podcasts in iPhone and Android app stores.

More Podcasts to Consider

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Fully Booked

On this podcast, “the editors at Kirkus Reviews interview your favorite authors, tell you whether or not books on the bestseller list are worth the read, and introduce you to great books you may otherwise never find.”

Big Planet Comics

Employees of the mid-Atlantic comic book store chain of the same name produce Big Planet Comics. Die-hard comic book fans will enjoy the industry insider perspective.

Books on the Nightstand

Books on the Nightstand will cause your TBR pile to explode to epic proportions. It’s a one-show-fits-all-readers podcast; there’s something for everyone.

The Disney Story Origins Podcast

Like the title implies, this fun podcast investigates the literary, cultural, and historical origins of Disney’s most beloved tales.

Inside the New York Times Book Review

The official books podcast of the New York Times, Book Review is hosted by Sunday Book Review editor Pamela Paul and features interviews and conversations with authors and critics.

Late Night Library

Late Night Library includes two shows–Late Night Conversation, which features unscripted talks with authors, publishers, and editors, and Late Night Debut, which showcases debut authors. LNL prioritizes female and POC authors.

Meet the Author

Meet the Author is Apple’s official audio/video podcast for book lovers. It usually features household-name authors like Neil Gaiman and Rick Riordan or celebrity authors like Gillian Anderson and Nick Cannon.


Potterheads, rejoice! MuggleCast is the most listened-to Harry Potter podcast on the web, and after two hundred eighty-four episodes, it’s amazing how these guys never run out of stuff to talk about.

Myths and Legends

This podcast explores the fascinating origins of myths and legends from around the world and how they have shaped many of the stories we know and love today.


BookD is a HarperCollins podcast that features authors discussing the publishing process–from creative spark to physical production.

The Secret Library Podcast

Blogger Caroline Donahue interviews authors to get an insider’s perspective on the publishing process and dispel the myth of overnight success. Past guests include V.E. Schwab, Jade Chang, Ben Winters, and Esmé Weijun Wang.

The Penguin Podcast

This podcast has a unique format. Host Richard E. Grant asks authors to bring to the studio five objects that inspired or shaped their latest book. Interesting dialogue ensues.


This book podcast is like RadioLab for books, studying different aspects of books, reading, and language. Past episodes have focused on the 2018 Nobel crisis in literature, Agatha Christie’s mysterious disappearance, and how Shakespeare was saved.

Freedom, Books, Flowers & the Moon

This weekly podcast from The Times Literary Supplement explores culture and ideas through the lens of literature.

How Podcasts Became So Popular (And Why That’s a Good Thing)

Most accounts suggest podcasting was invented by Dave Winer. Winer, a software developer helped create Really Simple Syndicating (popularly known as RSS), which he used to deliver his program, Morning Coffee Notes. Podcasts were popularized by MTV personality Adam Curry, known as the “Podfather” through his show Daily Source Code. iTunes began carrying podcasts in June 2005. The rest is history.

As of 2018, there are over 525,000 active podcasts, with over 18.5 million episodes produced. 73 million Americans, or 26% of the US population, listen to podcasts monthly, and 17%, or 48 million people, listen weekly. The podcast audience has consistently grown at a rate of 10 to 20% per year, a trend which seems likely to continue into at least the near future. Podcasts are amongst the most prominent cultural phenomenona in the United States, over the past decade or so.

What has led to their popularity? What is special and unique about this form of media, that has drawn in so many people, so quickly? And why is this a positive development?

Podcasts Shared in Previous Newsletters

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Professional Book Nerds

Hosted by staff librarians from Overdrive, each week they discuss what books they are reading, give suggestions based on listener questions, and discuss what books are slated for release soon.  They discuss a variety of grade levels and genres.  Be sure to keep a notepad nearby when you are listening to write down suggestions for your library or for personal reading.

Scholastic Reads

is a podcast about children’s books and the joy and power of reading

The Split

A YA book review podcast hosted by authors Bryan Cohen and Robert Scanlon.  Each week they read and review a new book--you will definitely recognize the titles. It's a fun listen, because you can tell how much they both truly enjoy reading.  During each show, they review the book, give 3 takeaways they have from the story, and provide a writing prompt based on the book read.


Releasing monthly episodes (and sometimes more!), tune in for news and discussions of the most popular and latest young adult books and authors! We talk about The Hunger Games, Divergent, Harry Potter, The 5th Wave, Shadowhunters, and much more! Brought to you by and its network sites,,, and

First Draft

Join host Sarah Enni every Tuesday for a quality hang with young adult and middle grade authors, featuring dozens of New York Times best-selling writers, as well as winners of the Caldecott Award, the William C. Morris Young Adult Debut award, the Michael El. Printz Award for Excellence in Young Adult Literature, and the National Book Award for Young People's Literature.

In candid and inspiring conversations, writers offer their unique perspectives on the creative process, what keeps them typing, and staying sane in publishing.

88 Cups of Tea

An iTunes 'What's Hot' and 'New and Noteworthy' podcast for writers and storytellers of all kinds. The podcast is produced and hosted by Yin Chang and features conversations that will motivate the heck out of your writing aspirations. We're talking about inspiration overload to empower your ideas, actionable career advice, and step-by-step writing tips that'll shake your creative routine. We feature storytellers with the most inspiring personal stories and writing advice to share with our community.

Lavar Burton Reads.  In each episode, host LeVar Burton hand-picks a different piece of short fiction, and reads it to you.  Think Reading Rainbow, but for adults.  Each story is aroudn 30-60 minutes in length.  "Burton is using the podcast format to read short stories from all genres, with a little music and original sound design sprinkled in." --Amy Ratcliffe,

Librarian Podcasts


Dewey Decibel
Dewey Decibel is a new podcast series from American Libraries, the magazine of the American Library Association. Each month, your host and American Libraries Associate Editor Phil Morehart will be your guide to conversations with librarians, authors, thinkers, and scholars about topics from the library world and beyond.

The Librarian Is In

This is the New York Public Library’s official podcast about books and culture.

Books Between features book recommendations, author interviews, and tips for serving children between the ages of 8 and 12—that tricky middle grade span.

Hey YA, the Young Adult podcast from BookRiot, features all topics around Young Adult publishing, crossing into graphic novels, along with tons of book recommendations.

Lifelines: Books that Bridge the Divide This timely new podcast features conversations among librarians, educators, and readers discussing books that can bridge the cultural divide between children.

YA Cafe is a roundtable discussion of one young adult novel per episode. One unique feature: the program starts spoiler-free, then delves deeper into the novel, so those who might just be looking for recommendations can drop out before any big reveals.


CSM--10 Ways to Pack More Gratitude into Your Life

Gratitude is a unique character strength in that you can actually teach it to your kids -- rather than, say, crossing your fingers and hoping they'll figure it out. It's a quality that transcends religion, philosophy, culture, and ceremony and that has been scientifically proven to boost happiness.

Try these tips to really drive the messages home.

  • Create a grateful home environment. 
  • Put the devices down 
  • Watch TV and movies that inspire gratitude. 
  • Play, read, and watch together. 
  • Express yourself. 
  • Give back. 
  • Send thank-you notes. 
  • Take a walk down memory lane.
  • Focus on the positive. 

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